You can rarely be too tan, or too wild

Thanks for stopping by tan & wild! 


Thanks for stopping by tan & wild! i'm thrilled to have you. this blog was created out of a desire to utilize some of my creativity outside of my 9-5 job and to express myself in multiple different ways, and hopefully connect with other like-minded people along the way. i'll admit, this blog is not my sole job or my big money-maker in life right now. it's a creative project i never dedicate enough time to, and constantly a work in progress. however, having said that, it's something that i hope to become a full second job at some point in time once i figure out how 'i' fit into this blogging world. i'm still working through that and am happy to have you stop by to take a peek for yourselves. 

my goal is that you'll follow along with me and stay tuned for what's next with tan & wild as i go down this adventure of blogging and figuring out life with a 9-5, as a newly married lady hoping to find my place in the digital world!

Life is far too short to live it without a bright smile, and tan legs.