My Favorite New Fitness App

If you read my last post here about how I find time to work out with such a busy commute, then you'll know that I teased about a new app I came across that I'm loving lately.  Spoiler alert! It's called Asana Rebel.  It's a free application that I actually came across via a Facebook ad, watched the entire video through, and decided it might be something I liked and was worth downloading. The worst that could happen is that I'd delete it. 

I liked the app so much that I decided to purchase the program to unlock more features, and guided programs.  It's a little over $3 a month and $39.99 per year.  The program I'm currently doing is a 6-week program Bikini Body program.  You can customize how many times a week you want to use the app, or in other words, how many times a week you want to work out with the program, and it will give you customized workouts that many days a week.  I chose 5, because I'm trying to workout at least 5 days a week.  Each program not only syncs to your Health app, but it also syncs the calories burned to your MyFitnessPal app so that if you're tracking calories burned and your food intake, it automatically udpates for you. That is one of my favorite features. 

The workouts take you through a number of different exercises, and each time it's something different -  and first shows you for about 20 seconds what the next workout you'll do looks like and then guides you through it.  You also start with about a 5-minute warmup each time, and about a minute cool down. 

If you're looking to try yoga out and don't currently belong to a studio or know how to start at home, I highly recommend this app. 

What are any other favorite fitness apps you've come across that you love? I'm always open to trying new fitness applications! 

Thanks for stopping by!