How I find time to work out with a 3-hour commute

Welcome to the first post in my new section on Tan & Wild - Fit & Fabulous!   

The other day I worked a really long day at work, I left my house at around 7, and got home at around 8pm.  My commute alone took about one and a half hours each way, and it does everyday.  

I'm about to get married (counting the days!),  I have a busy work schedule, a long commute,  I sit the entire day, and it's hard to get motivated. It's hard to see results immediately and I am inherently impatient in all aspects of life. (Workout one day, expect to drop two pant sizes tomorrow). 

However, I've worked at a gym, I've been a trainer (kind of),  I've dropped 30 pounds in the past after a knee surgery caused me to gain weight,  yet,  it's harder now and I face challenges on a daily basis.  

Do I look how I want to look? No

Do I feel super good about my body with or without clothes? No

But, I can't allow that to stop me and this year, the year I become a wife,  that's something I'm working on.  I am working on learning to love my body and do good for it by eating well and by exercising, despite how tired I am. 

I figure that for some of my readers, you're in a similar position. You might not be getting married,  but you may be finding it hard to love your body and make time to work out, especially to get to the gym.  

Here are some of my tips and tricks to always find that extra time to work out. 

1.  Stay up later if you need to, but do something for at least 30 minutes when you get home from work. 

I personally am not someone that can wake up at 4am to get to a class. I mean, I could, technically, I just choose not to, lol. It's not for me, I don't like it, and I dread it.  I want to feel excited about working out and look forward to it.  

Lately,  I've been working out until like 8 or 9pm, and going to bed a little bit later too (sometimes past 11pm),  to give myself time to digest my dinner and still get a 45minute to one hour workout in.  I have been great with doing this since the New Year. I have made it an absolute priority to do so.  It's honestly super hard to stay motivated when I have a long ass day,  but I stay up later to make the personal time for myself that I know I need mentally and physically to not go to bed regretting that I didn't make 30 minutes for me.  You will never go to bed at 11pm after a good workout regretting that you worked out longer than you planned and feel good about your body. 


2. Be true to your type of fitness.  

What works for your friends might not work for you. You might hate running, have bad knees,  or not have access to a gym or treadmill.  So, don't do that then.  Find a type of workout that you really enjoy and stick to that. 

It's definitely important to switch it up here and there - but find something that you look forward to doing. You'll have more motivation to continue doing it and will make it something that you look forward to enjoying for yourself when you're home from work. 

For instance, I have come to truly love yoga.  I honestly love it. I love the way that it makes me feel, and while I've hurt my back and have a bad knee,  I know that I have limitations in my practice but I will make adjustments to enable my body to enjoy the time I spend on myself despite the fact that I might not be able to do every move.  Also,  I hate yoga on the TV and on demand. I just despise it.  It's not personalized, it doesn't track your calories, set you up on a program,  or remember anything about you.  

In another post, I'll talk about my favorite new yoga app and why I'm loving using it so much. 

3. Remember that you're doing this for you and 30 minutes takes less time than it does to do your makeup in the morning. Make 30 of them a chance to work out.

Not going to lie, it's often hard to say no to happy hours after work or put off dinners with friends so you can commute your ass home and work out.  I get FOMO immediately and used to feel incredibly terrible if I'd want to go work out and not go drink or go eat some appetizers.  Lately, I've pushed those feelings aside a little bit and realize that my friends absolutely respect where I'm at right now and it doesn't matter if I miss one happy hour - I will still have them as friends and still be able to hang with them at other times. 

Working out should not be for someone else and it shouldn't be something you feel guilty about doing or not doing. When I put the trust in myself to know what's right for me, I feel a lot better about declining a few drinks and saying to myself, "What I need today is some alone time to workout and think." 

4. You don't need to go to a gym to workout. 

I don't know why I used to be obsessed with the fact that if I didn't have a gym membership, I was unable to workout.  I have absolutely changed my mindset on that since I moved home with my parents and no longer have a gym membership. The truth is, I've been able to find out that I love yoga from not having a gym, and that I like working out alone and doing HIIT training, taking a long walk with my pup or doing Pure Barre on occasion. Don't get stuck in the cycle of using no gym membership as an excuse to not get any physical exercise. 

Hope that these were helpful! 

What helps you stay motivated?