The Items You Need for a Spring Home Refresh

Summer Home Edit.png

Spring never used to be a season that I looked forward to if I’m being totally honest. I always loved summer because my birthday was during the summer, and back in the day, you had about three months off (welcome to the real world where that DOESN’T happen, unless you’re on maternity leave - which I am!)

I got married in the spring (see some photos from my wedding here), and since then have been enamored with all the glamour and beauty that comes with springtime. Floral prints, pastels, cute strappy sandals, beautiful flowers, rosé, and spring cleaning! I actually hate cleaning, but I feel much better when I do.

Now that I have a newborn, cleaning regularly and doing TONS of laundry is part of my daily routine. Not something I love lol. But another part of that, is taking count of what I have and don’t have in my home, and thinking through what serves a true purpose and where I can add a few things that will last.

Here are some of my spring home picks that I think make great staple pieces for your home, whether you are a new mama or not! A lot of these are from Nordstrom, which is having its half yearly sale - so many of these items are on sale as well!