What I want right now - Home Edition

Planning for your first home is a hot mess. I am stressed, I am working nonstop at my actual job, yet I am also facing a lot of pressure to figure out exactly what my style is and how to make sure I create a stylish, comfortable home for my husband, our pup and me for our future. 

Talk about putting a lot of pressure on yourself right?! Well, recently, one of my best friends text me asking what kind of decor I was planning to use for our house. And I thought to myself, "shit, I don't even know!" While we still have a few months until we move in, it's important for me to narrow down what I truly like versus what I feel like other people would like. 

I know I love natural tones like tans (let's get real here!), whites, browns, bronzes and industrial, but I also love cozy neutrals with some pops of black and silver. It's a tough world, people! 

SO, I set out to create a quick 'board' of inspiration to determine what it is I really like and would want to see in my house. On Polyvore (if you don't follow me on Polyvore, you can here!) I created the above and I think this pretty accurately captures the vibe of at least the second floor! The bedrooms are a whole other situation that I cannot even begin to fathom decorating right now! Finding bedding for a spray tanaholic is quite the feat (#helpme). 

I've also linked some other items below that I really love and that you can buy right now if you're in the market for any home goods! 

What are your favorite places to shop for home goods? I'd love to hear in the comments!