Waiting for Spring + Sale Favorites

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My dinosaur arms in this shot kill me! 

My dinosaur arms in this shot kill me! 

Spring is one of my favorite new seasons because I got married almost a year ago (omg!) in the spring. It was risky! It rained in the morning and our ceremony location didn't have an indoor space large enough to hold our group if we needed to move indoors. Luckily, after raining in the morning, it cleared up by the afternoon and our ceremony went off without a hitch. 

I always sort of dreaded spring - allergy season, cold and warm on and off, and no big milestones to look forward to. Now, I am singing a completely different tune! 

These photos were taken a while ago, with Nathalie Bize, in San Ramon. We were driving around looking for a good spot to go shoot and came across these amazing trees on the side of a main road and stopped to shoot there! 

The unglamorous part about shooting multiple outfits when you're out and about is that you're most likely changing in your car, on the side of the street, or by having a friend hold a towel around you to 'get the shot.' I haven't taken photos in a while because I've been so busy with work and commuting that I haven't had the energy to go do that on the weekends! Nowadays, my weekends involve workout gear and no makeup, which don't always make for the prettiest blog photos. 

I recently purchased Dreamy Presents Mink collection for Lightroom - and edited these photos with it. I love the light look it gives everything, it really is so dreamy! 

With spring, comes time to shift up your wardrobe a little bit too, so I've added some of my sale favorites you can grab right now below. I really love this Rag & Bone jean dress, This Tommy x GIGI Hadid sweater (on major sale) and this wrap mini dress from Revolve. While I'm not a dress person at work, I love to wear dresses on the weekend, so you'll see a lot of those pulled into the sale items below! Happy spring shopping!