Now Trending: Velvet + Suede

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Velvet and suede are two fabrics that are making a big comeback this season.  If you follow trends, now is the time to start adding a few staple pieces to your wardrobe. After paying close attention to fashion bloggers' feeds during Fashion Week, it's clear that there are a lot of beautiful trends that we'll see taper into fall (florals, I'm looking at you - and surprisingly, lace!) that we saw this Spring as well. 

I wanted to pull together some pieces that work for any budget, depending on what pieces you may be looking for now! I've linked them all above, and added a few more options below for reference in case you're looking for some other pieces that fall within this trend.

There are some pieces like these Steve Madden wedges that I think will work for fall, but still be a staple in your closet through any season. These buckle ankle boots on the other hand, are a fall staple I think we'll see season after season, and I'm going to have to buy these for myself! 

Take a look and let me know what you think!