Romp This Way

DRESS:  Tobi (find it and other cute items here!)  LIPSTICK: Kylie Cosmetics in "Candy K"

As I write this, I'm still reminiscing on a wonderful weekend I had celebrating my birthday weekend early with friends and family.  I brought this sexy romper from Tobi in case we went out to a club or somewhere at night, but unfortunately, I did not make it out! I'm getting too old and drank too much! Alas, this was what I was planning to wear IF I did make it out. (palm slap) 

One thing I've found about rompers, is that most of them are pretty casual, yet you can find some that transition between 'dressier' and 'more casual' - there is no mistaking with this black number that this is a fancy romper.  It's sexy and showy,  but not too much where it might be inappropriate (IMO). 

This is definitely my new favorite romper that I can't wait to wear again.  If you did want to dress this down,  you could wear it with some white booties, and perhaps a black and red or white and blank handkerchief around the neck.  Just a thought!