The Perfect Summer Dress (On sale for $24, reg $98!!)

Dress: Tobi ($24!)  // Lipstick:  Candy K by Kylie Cosmetics // Photos: Nathalie Bize 

I love summer and I love summer weather. My birthday falls in the summer, the weather gets warmer,  tropical drinks are more acceptable to drink in public,  and there are more opportunities to host bbq's and pool parties - what's not to love? 

It's been HOT lately, and only getting hotter.  I'm not a huge proponent of shorts during hot weather, I just don't really like them and I don't fee that they flatter my current form (fitness you know), but one piece of clothing I can absolutely get behind and have been adding slowly to my wardrobe are babydoll dresses. They're form flattering (i.e. - they are loose and incredibly comfortable) and a perfect piece for summer over a bathing suit and keep you cool during those 90 degree+ days. 

This one that I got from Tobi is originally almost $100, and it's on sale for $24!! This is one of those deals you cannot help but take advantage of, amirte?! 

The neutral color palettes have really shown up everywhere in spring,  but I noticed that these transition colors (the nudes, light yellows, beige's and more) are really showing up all throughout the year.  One thing I really like about this dress, is that it can easily be dressed up or down, and the open back makes it more of a 'statement' piece if you want it to be one.  For example, this would have been a really cute piece for my bridal shower to wear, because it's neutral in tone, flattering, comfortable,  and still appropriate enough for any event. 

What are your favorite styles you've seen cropping up this season? 


Thank you to Tobi for sponsoring this post.  Be sure to check them out on social using the hashtags #shoptobi and via Instagram at @shoptobi.