Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

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Valentine's Day is always a sweet holiday that I never really fuss too much about,  but I do look forward to.  Growing up, my parents would always get my sister and me something to celebrate every holiday, and for Valentine's Day they'd often get us a few fun gift cards, some candy and maybe some cute socks or something fun just to have something for us to "open" for the occasion.  I think that's so sweet and it's something I'll probably do with my kids when I finally have them! 

There are some really cute trends right now that I'm really loving a lot, some new and some old! 

Right now, I'm super into faux fur jackets like this one, studded boots like these, and Adidas sneakers.   Also, this Tory Burch perfume smells wonderful and comes in such a cute bottle.  I love getting new perfumes for myself because I love trying out new scents to see what I like.  Also, at the end of the day,  fedora's like this one are at the top of my all time favorite list of items ever.  

What other types of gifts do you like to gift or receive during Valentine's Day?