Kate Somerville - Exfolikate Review

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Let's talk about renewing our skin in the New Year, shall we?!

Recently, I tried out Kate Somerville's 'Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment' after hearing a lot of hype about it!  I will be totally honest, since I am spray tanning or applying fake tanner so much throughout the week, it's rare that I'll truly exfoliate my face like I should be - leaving my pores large and full of gunk and my skin in need of a refresh. 

So when I got this product in my FabFitFun box recently, I was super excited to try it (and I hadn't had a tan in over 2 weeks, so there was no tan to remove accidentally while trying to exfoliate). 

While I realize these pictures are SO CLOSE in the mirror in my bathroom, I was trying to showcase the color of the product once you put it on. To be honest, I was not expecting the green glob that came out of that pretty white tube, but alas, it was a greenish slug with little exfoliating beads. There is actually a warning on the package that says you may experience some burning sensation on your skin while applying and waiting a minute or two for this to soak into your skin. It definitely did burn a little bit, but in like, a good burn. It felt good. I enjoyed it. I thought it was working. The last picture here you can see that my skin looks pretty glowy (this is without any sort of makeup, lotion, or anything on at all) and I was happy with the results! 

To use: you simply use your index finger and/or middle finger, rub the product in mini circles on your face, and let it sit for a minute or two before rinsing off (don't get it in your eyes!) with a warm wash cloth or towel in circular motions. Then, voila! 

I've used a few other exfoliant's before like this GlamGlow product, but I actually think the Exfolikate takes the cake for me because I felt like it was removing gunk from my skin that needed to go, while also really cleansing the surface. This Dr. Brandt brand is also AMAZING, I use it every day (almost) in the shower. 

Here are some other great exfoliating products and some tanning products that I love in case you're in the market!