Sephora Insider VIB Favorites

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Right now, Sephora is having an Insider sales event where you can receive 20% off of your purchase as a VIB member or VIB Rouge member.  Unsurprisingly, most of my favorites at Sephora have the same sort of color tones - bronzes, neutrals, and then some lipsticks and eyeshadows that have more of a brick color to them.  For me, with hazel eyes and neutral skin (once I have a spray tan of course), I find that those color combinations looks best on me.  

With the holidays rapidly approaching, Sephora has everything that you'll need to get a gift for ANYONE on your lists! 

Of the above, the Too Faced bronzer I've linked (#1) is one of my absolute favorite bronzers I've ever purchased - and I'd made a lot of them !  It has a subtly to it that works depending on if your skin tone is more tan (with a spray tan), or less during the winter months. The Benefit hoola bronzer stick is what I use on a daily basis to contour my face also. It's more of a dewy look that isn't too harsh and is easily blended to make your contouring look natural. 

Below, I've included a number of other products that I love from Sephora, giving you a ton of beauty options to choose from if you're looking for some new products for yourself or for some special people on your lists! Leave a comment below if you're interested in my opinion on any of my product adds below!

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