As you can tell, I recently got bangs!  Since I did, I've heard a lot of people say that they've considered getting bangs before but haven't been able to pull the trigger and go through with it. I totally get it! I was there. I had considered getting bangs for probably over a year, before I finally decided with my hairstylist that we would go for it. Really, it was this picture of Amber Fillerup Clark of the Barefoot Blonde that truly inspired me to do what I'd been thinking about for over a year, and get the bangs!

After finally going for it, I thought I'd do a quick Q&A you should ask yourself if you're at all like me, and considering getting bangs but are hesitant about actually making the change. 

To bang or not to bang: a Q&A 

1. Have you had bangs before, did they look good or bad? 

I admit, sometimes I see something on someone else that I know looked awful on me and I try it anyway thinking that maybe, just maybe, this time it will actually work for me. I feel like bangs are those things for nearly every woman. If you have had bangs before and you know they could work for you and you're considering doing it again, GO FOR IT!! It's only hair and it will grow out so fast that if you don't like them, you can easily pin them back and pretend you never cut your hair! 

. Do you have a big event coming up where a bad bang-cut would affect it? 

If you are for instance, taking engagement photos, getting married, taking headshots at work, I'd suggest potentially waiting on the bangs. Making a big change like that can feel super overwhelming, and if you're someone who never changes their hairstyle, I wouldn't experiment before a big event. However, if you're like me and have nothing huge coming up and no photo requirements (aside from those for my blog!), then do it! 

3. Do you or will you take the time to try and style your bangs on a daily basis? 

I envy my friends who can let their hang air dry and just be on their way to work. I am not one of those people. Since I've died my hair so many times, sometimes my ends are dry and need that heat from my straightener or my curling wand in the morning to be more uniform and less unruly. For a hairstyle like with bangs, it's not really something you can just be lazy with and let air dry. So if you're someone who hates doing their hair on a daily basis, bangs might not be for you. 

4. Do you have access to your hairstylist to get frequent trims if you love your bangs? 

My hairstylist and I live about an hour from each other, (yes I drive that far each time to see her and I have for about six years because I love her so much).  With bangs, as I mentioned above, they grow out incredibly quickly. And if you're not a bang-cutting pro on your own, you might want to stop in here and there to have your stylist trim them for you so they're not constantly in your eyes and greasy from moving them out of the way. 

I hope the these tips in Q&A form were helpful if you're considering chopping your hair and getting bangs! I personally am in love with mine right now, but am in the need for a trim. Here are a few different ways I've styled my bangs! 

Thanks for stopping by! 


I'm obsessed with  this dress from ASTR! 

I'm obsessed with this dress from ASTR! 

LULU's dress  here  from my engagement party! 

LULU's dress here from my engagement party!