Celeb Coachella Steals

Coachella fashion is always something that I like keeping a close eye to, as I love the boho-chic, festival-inspired fashion trends with laid back prints, flowy skirts, shirts and wraps, and the accessories like bold belts, sunglasses and booties. I provided some #TBT festival inspiration in this post here, and wanted to conduct a roundup of eight Coachella items I've seen across the internet that are definitely trending with the celeb fashionistas right now in the festival scene.  

Two of my favorite trends right now are the long choker necklaces (I just bought one for myself bc I am obsessed), and this amazing belt that you can't stop seeing everywhere.

Below I've compiled what I think are the celeb style steals from this years' Coachella-inspired fashion trends - all that are decently affordable! I've never been to Coachella myself, but I'm really thinking that it might be worth it in the next year or so (after my wedding of course!)  You can click on the items below to take you to purchase.

What's your favorite style steal?