T+W Currently Coveting - Friday Finds, Home Edition


It's Friday, so clearly I am already in the mood to rage. I think for anyone in their 20s and 30s, a Bar Cart is a perfect piece of decor for your home or apartment and it makes a great focal feature when you have guests over or have parties. It's easy to change out the alcohol, ingredients and stemware for themed parties or different events, and a white or mirrored surface give great contrast to small spaces so that it doesn't feel like your cart takes up too much space. I'd call this Friday Find a #priority. 


I am so excited to finally have my own place with my fiancé, and decor is constantly on my mind. I search Zillow weekly to see what prices are to see how long we'll have to live with my parents before we can go out and buy our own place. It seems like we might be living with my family forever, but until then, I have cute decor to dream about. I like a lot of color and textures, but for interiors in our future home, I want to keep it super simple with grey, white, tan and light blue and pink throughout that you can easily transition with brighter pillows, dishes and more. I'm super into these fun springtime plates right now and think they'd make an adorable addition to any party or date-night in. 


One item I've started to collect after living on my own for a while, was cookbooks. I must admit that I prefer cookbooks that have photos, because I'm a very visual eater. I Yelp every restaurant I ever go to to get an idea for what certain dishes look like because without it I am incapable of making a decision. I also have a goal of having my own cooking show one day called, "In the Kitchen with Kylie" or "Cooking with Kylie." Stay tuned for that if it ever happens - I have faith :)