Spring Favorites for $50 and Under!

I love seeing my favorite bloggers post their fashion finds for each season, but I've found that as my favorite bloggers have gotten bigger and bigger and started working with the biggest brands in the world, so have the items they often sell to readers. 

Most of the things they now wear and flaunt are out of my budget, and not realistic for women with full-time jobs and lots of extra curricular activities to buy. 

This blog on the other hand, is create by one of those exact women - I have a full time job, I am on a budget, I cannot buy $4,000 purses and travel across the world whenever my heart desires. So when I want to share some of my favorite finds with my readers, I want it to be realistic, things that I know women of every age within every budget can purchase. 

Of the below, I love these colorful earrings, this floppy hat, and this nail polish

This season, stripes, blush tones, neon, and lace up anything are all over the runways and in collections, and everything of the below you can afford! YAY!