Valentine's Day date ideas for the couple that's been together for like, ever

Happy Valentine's Day to all those love birds out there, and Happy Galentine's Day out there to all of you fabulous women! 

Everyone can probably admit that when you're fresh in a relationship, you probably set some expectations for what a Valentine's Day is supposed to be as a couple - usually it's a nice dinner out and a gift to prove you really love the other person. My first Valentine's Day with Safi was eight years ago in 2008, we went to a restaurant in downtown San Jose (the name of which escapes me), and I was super nervous. I was actually so nervous that I took shots beforehand with my roommate from Alpha Phi at the time and was embarrassingly drunk at dinner before we even got there. Fun times! I ended up devouring my meal and his, and somehow he still wanted to date me. Hallelujah. 

But once you've been together for a few years even, Valentine's Day can start to get a little bit confusing. If I don't buy you a gift, it doesn't mean I don't love you anymore. And if I don't get a gift, do I feel offended or nah? 

I compiled a few ideas below that any couple that's been together for a long time will appreciate! 

1. Picnic in the Park + surprise photo memory 

Who doesn't love a good picnic in the park? Once you've been together for a long time, you realize the value in spending quality time together, without necessarily breaking the bank to prove your love is true and real. Grab a bottle of wine, a sandwich or some cheese and fruit, and head to the park with a blanket for a day in the sun/fog/wind to reminisce on your favorite times together. To amp it up even more, require each of you to print out a photo of a favorite memory and surprise each other on Valentine's Day with your photo. What better way to laugh, recognize the years you've been together and a fun memory of your time together. 

2. Try something new

Trying something new can be terrifying, and it's often not first-date material. What if you hate it and then you question the other person? After dating for over eight years like Safi and I have been, we pretty much know each others likes and dislikes. So why not make it interesting and try a new type of cuisine you've never tried before, or a restaurant you haven't eaten at 18 times together already in your relationship? Create a new memory by trying something new for the first time, and if its awful, at least it's a story for another time! 

3. Go on a group date 

While quality time is always amazing, sometimes its fun to involve your couple friends that have also been dating for a long time! This way, it shows that you're mature enough to not expect some big charade on Valentine's Day, and that you value a fun day for Valentine's Day as much as a serious, romantic one! Go wine tasting as a group, or go to a concert or a cooking class together - to take the pressure off and relax! 

What are everyone's plans for Valentine's Day this year?