Tips and Tricks from a Professional Hair Stylist

As the weather slowly starts to change it can put a lot of pressure on your hair, from the dry, hot heat that comes during summer to the crisp windy air that comes with fall - it can really increase damage and breakage. 

For someone like me who dies my hair a lot and uses curling wands, straighteners, blow dryers and more on my hair - I asked a professional stylist for some tips on best practices I can keep in mind as we transition from summer to fall. 

I drive from San Francisco to Los Gatos to see my hair dresser, she's not only an amazing and expert colorist, but she's a bridal specialist too - in case you're in need for that anytime soon. You can find Nicole Marie's website here to learn more or to book an appointment! You can find her at Salon Amnesia in Los Gatos.  

See below for Nicole's tips and tricks for the fall to winter months ahead! And thank you to Nicole for the beautiful hair :) 

Tips for Healthy Hair and Taming Hair 

1. Get a hair cut before winter! Often times when you're growing out your hair you resist getting your hair cut.  

Expert tip: Nicole says that getting your hair cut more frequently, especially after a hot summer where you've been out in the sun, in the pool or at the beach is a necessity for healthier hair. Cutting your hair before winter ensures you get rid of those dead summer ends. Additionally, our hair breaks from the bottom first, so in order to keep it healthy to grow out, you need to get trims frequently. 

2. Tips for fly-aways.  I always have fly-aways on the top of my head! Always. Those little baby hairs can be such a nuisance. This isn't so much a tip or trick to keep your hair healthy, but is more to help you battle fly-aways during windy winter months. 

Expert tip: Nicole says to spray hair spray directly onto your palms and gently rub your hands over the top of your hair at your part to hold the fly-aways down. Spraying directly onto your hands ensures you won't get rock hard hair directly at your part but instead will be able to more easily manage the fly-aways. You can do this throughout the day depending on how often your hair sticks up, just make sure to wash your hands afterwards! 

3. Quick hair style trick for a rainy day. When it rains, it's often frustrating when you have to blow dry or style your hair at all. You know that it will get damp and frizzy, (or in my case, if it gets wet at all it will just stick to my head like a wet dog) or just look messy regardless once the rain hits - so Nicole gave me a fun trick that any gal can use to quickly do their hair when it's raining. 

Expert tip: Braids, braids braids! Braids are totally in this season, from small braids at your temples that you pin on the side, to big, messy side braids and fishtails; you cannot go wrong with a braid for a quick easy hair-do during the rainy season. 

4. If you see a lot of damage at your ends, ask your stylist for a hair mask. I often hear of women doing hair masks at the salon but have always shied away from doing it myself. I know it's going to be expensive and I just figure that I'll buy some sort of product to take care of that once every month or every other month. 

Expert tip: Nicole says that getting a professional hair mask from a salon is actually incredibly affordable - around $25!! Who knew?! This is definitely a treatment I'll be getting myself when I go to see Nicole in the next few months. A hair treatment from your professional stylist may save you money in the long run than buying products off of Amazon or other online shops (or at Walgreen's, Target, etc.) that don't have the proper ingredients to fully nourish your hair. 

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