Casual Stroll in North Beach

North Beach is such a special area of the city, the charm of the Italian restaurants and the authentic, Italian owners that operate them is so special and unique to this part of town. Last weekend, I surprised my boyfriend with brunch at a restaurant that came recommended by my sister and her boyfriend called, Park Tavern.  If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it! Their brunch farm-baked iron-clad eggs (sautéed spinach, two fried eggs and toast), their lemon chips with burrata and more are absolutely amazing. 

There are so many colorful areas all around the city, and North Beach is no different with its quaint little restaurants and street-side seating that's perfect for visiting tourists or for locals like us just looking for a spot to sit and drink or grab a bite to eat. 

One of the best things about the area we strolled around in, is that the apartments are all placed uphill so there are endless staircases and bright garages lining the streets that make it nearly impossible to choose where to photograph in front of! I loved these bright orange steps and the bright teal surrounding the doors above it.