Blue Florals

I love floral prints, and I love open-back dresses, so when I saw this one on I knew I had to grab it immediately. Lulu's is the place where I buy the majority of my clothing because it's easy, and most everything I've bought from their online store has fit me nearly perfectly or at least rather well. 

I styled this dress with simple jewelry, and two different pairs of nude sueded shoes. The lace-up ballet flats from Steve Madden, and then the sky-high scrappy sandal from - you guessed it -! 

I love how this skirt is perfect for summer and can transition into fall quite beautifully with a tall boot and nice, long tan jacket. The detailing in the back is just adorable, and was one of the main reasons I scooped this up so quickly. In the photos below, you can see how it quickly brings the casual dress a more sophisticated vibe with the high heels.