Three Things I've Learned from My Mom and Happy Birthday!

Growing up, I was lucky to have both of my parents incredibly active in my life. My dad participated with me in Indian Princesses (a father-daughter group that a number of my youngest childhood friends also participated in with their fathers), my mom used to make my Halloween costumes, my soccer costumes, and take me to all of my auditions (I used to be a Fit Model for Gap, and did a number of other small things all across the Bay Area) and wait with me for hours on end to pursue something I loved. They're still together now, and I'm more thankful than ever to have had that foundation of love to look up to for all of these years. 

This past weekend was my mom's birthday and we got the whole family together to just hang out and enjoy each other's company. It was great! 

I've always been close with my parents, I've always loved being home, and I've never shied away from sharing far-too many personal things with my parents. What can I say, I love advice and I like feeling close to my mom and dad! At the end of the day, family will always be the most important thing in my life. 

Life is very short, words can hurt deep, forgiveness is one of the most important and adult qualities an individual can possess, and staying close with your family during all odds will make you a happier individual - these things I am absolutely sure about.  

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Here we are sitting in our living room together before we went wine-tasting to celebrate her birthday. 

Later that night, my parents (mom) started going through old photos (she's a photo hoarder) and shared some awesome photos of her life with my dad, of their lives as kids (isn't it always so weird to think that your parents had separate lives before they were your parents? That used to baffle me when I was younger! So you mean, you weren't just born my mom and dad?!) and a few special ones from their wedding day. 

Talk about a good looking couple!  It's funny because I never connected the dots until this past Saturday, but I've been super drawn to long-sleeve wedding gowns and flower crowns when I think about what I want for my dream wedding day, and my mom embodies the look (maybe minus the perm) that I envision for myself. How funny is that? 

Here's a cute one of my mom and me at the house we still live in now, a number of years ago. I had the roundest head. (My boyfriend will tell you I still do). 

Look how beautiful this woman is!

Anyways, to the good part - the three things I've learned from my mom over the course of our lives. For the record, I've learned a lot more than just three, but these really stand out to me as I'm figuring out who I am as a person and the values that are the most important to me. 

1. Life's too short for insignificant drama 

I have somehow always found myself in the middle of some mind-numbing drama. I don't know how it happens, but it always seems to happen. It hasn't recently as I've purposefully made smarter choices in whom I trust and choose to spend time with, but it used to happen all the time! 

One thing I admire the most about my mom is that she does not stress the small stuff. She laughs it off, says, "Oh well!" and just simply moves on. It's out of sight and out of mind. I tend to dwell on things far after they've happened. 'I should have said this. I should have done this.' My mom is one of the most carefree spirits I've ever met. Life is far too short for insignificant drama. If it's not your business, then stay the hell out of it! Why make a small situation bigger by inserting opinions where they don't belong? Live your life, don't try to change the way other people's lives if their opinions or choices don't fit your idea of what life is. 

2. Laughter is the best medicine 

My mom has one of the most hilarious laughs. It's a full on, guttural, out of breath laugh that sometimes doesn't seem real. It's Amazing! She finds laugher in all that she does. She loves to laugh, and we love to hear her laugh and make her laugh. She is just a happy person. Despite what has happened to her or how hard of a day she has had, she sees a way to laugh around any and every situation. She brings joy wherever she goes, and that is something I'm trying daily to bring to my world. Keep laughing mom!  Always remember, that the best accessory you can wear is a smile. 

3. Be true to yourself 

I've always struggled with the comparison factor, how do you not compare yourself to others (particularly when you're in the presence of a sister who is by all terms of the word stunning, gorgeous, out of your fucking league beautiful) but my mom has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She has always been who she is, despite who she is around, all the time, all of her life. And that is something I admire. I have seen so many people try to change who they are based on who they are around, and it's just an impossible way to find a true self. 

That is something most people have a hard time with. Not my mom, she is confident, beautiful, compassionate, loving, funny, and full of life. This is the most important thing I have learned from my mom that I can't say I've mastered yet. Always be true to who you are. 

I can't imagine a world without my parents in it, and I'm so thankful to have had their support, laughter, and a whole 27 years of memories with these crazy people!  

Happy Birthday to my beloved Cha Cha!