Watercolor Florals

Location: San Francisco

I'm in love with this watercolor floral skirt from Lulu's. You'd never believe how soft the fabric feels. The zipper up the back is also hot pink and matches my shoes which is so feminine and girly, I just love it. 

Paired with a simple button up chambray top, it gives this outfit a bit of an edge. This would also be adorable paired with an off-the-shoulder crop top like this one, also from Lulus. 

Believe it or not, these shoes are actually from Plato's Closet in Pleasanton and cost me less than $10! Not only are they surprisingly comfortable for the height, but it's a deal I couldn't pass up. A lot of people I know are embarrassed, or feel weird shopping for second-hand items at places like Plato's Closet but realistically, there's nothing different than shopping at a Plato's Closet with lightly used and worn items than from any of the other more "high-class" stores that sell designer goods that have been lightly worn. 

My necklace in the photo below is from Rocksbox, and I am a Rocksbox It-Girl so if you want to try the subscription jewelry service for free (typically $19 a month) please go ahead and use the code kyliebruschxoxo for a free month! 

Skirt: Chic Ivory Skirt // Top: old but similar here // Sunglasses: Old but similar here // Necklace: Rocksbox - use code kyliebruschxoxo for a free month!