Travel Hacks

Traveling is one thing I wish I had the leisure of doing more. I see so many fashion and lifestyle bloggers traveling all over the world and can't help but wish my schedule allowed for more flexibility in such a carefree lifestyle! 

However, I still do make a lot of trips back and forth, not all of my close girlfriends live in San Francisco, I travel a ways to get my hair done, I go back and forth to my parent's house when they watch our dog, we've had a lot of weddings lately, bachelor and bachelorette parties and more! 

A few of my girlfriends have some fun summer trips coming up and have asked for some advice on travel beauty and packing tips, so I thought I'd share the wisdom for those of you also interested in how to travel light, while getting the most out of what you bring and wear! 

1. Fit it in a carry-on 

I have never even considered bringing a carry-on until this year. I quickly laughed that idea off. Fit everything I need to bring in a CARRY-ON? No, simply no. But lately, I've realized that I actually may have a knack for this. (Business proposition?) 

Fitting everything in a carry-on ensures that you can hop on and off the plane as quickly as possible, and really get your vacation going. Within your suitcase, feel free to pack one or two smaller bags that you can also bring as carry-on items or fit underneath your seat on the way home for any additional goodies you buy during your trip. 

While you're at it, get a super cute carry-on that you'll want with you at all times, like this adorable pink set below. 

2. Roll your clothes, don't fold 

This is life changing. I really mean it. Rolling your clothes rather than folding provides you so much more room to maneuver those bigger items, like shoes, hair products, jackets and more. By simply rolling your clothes, you create a tiered effect within your suitcase that allows you to layer your clothes by row, and more easily maneuver fitting those sandals on the side or throwing a makeup or toiletry bag within. 

3. Mix & Match 

I am a chronic over-packer. It runs in my family. My mom is a chronic over-packer, and I've learned from the best. She also rolls her clothes in her suitcase so that she can fit more of them. 

However, one of the best lessons for traveling (especially to tropical locations) is to bring items that you can easily mix and match. If you're bringing a pair of jean shorts, bring one to three tops that you can easily transition with those shorts. A flowy top, a button up, or a light sweater. 

Make sure that the shoes you bring can go with all of your outfits. YES, all of your outfits. Don't bring 9 different sandals, you'll want to buy something new there, bring one pair that goes with all of your outfits, and one easy pair you don't care gets sandy or worn. Make sure this pair is comfortable! 

Same goes for your nice attire. Make sure that whatever light sweater you bring, can go nicely with a fancier skirt, or over the top of your summer dress. This will make a huge different.  

4. Pack extra bags in your carry-on 

Per # 1, make sure that you leave room to fold or neatly roll an additional bag or two that's malleable to fit in your suitcase, for any additional items you purchase while on vacation. If you're like me, I want a souvenir no matter where I go. Even if I'm just going to Vegas, damnit I want a souvenir! A shot glass? Sure. Sandals for the ones I lost? Even better! 

Pack a bag with a thick strap so that you can bring back some goodies for friends and family, or for yourself :) It's much better than the plastic bags you'll get from the stores you purchase these items at, which stretch and break easily.  

5. Bring sample beauty products 

If you're like me, then you subscribe to a number of beauty subscription companies that send you sample size packages, that you rarely ever use unless you need to travel. Traveling with these sample beauty packages is THE WAY TO GO. You'll likely have beach hair spray, nail color, lip color, eye pencils, eye shadows, hair mousse, body lotions, shampoos and conditioners and more that are taking up space in your cabinets, but BRING them on your vacations. 

They're likely all the perfect size to fit in your carry-on (not over 3 oz) so that you don't need a carry-on, and the other items you can purchase there at a small drug store. 

There you have it! Five travel hacks that will hopefully help you in your future packing endeavors! Summer is officially here, so stay tuned for more fun hacks and tips about (best faux tan products and how to keep those palms safe, best beach hair tutorials and more).