Blogger Diaries: A Q&A With The Lipstick Giraffe, Kachet Jackson-Henderson

I am so happy to be featuring my good friend and beautiful person inside and out, Kachet of The Lipstick Giraffe! 

She is doing amazing things with her blog and I am so proud of her, and I am so pleased to be giving you all a glimpse into what she is doing. If you're in the Sacramento area please reach out to her for styling tips and tricks and services, and follow TLG on her endeavors! 

Q. What is behind the name The Lipstick Giraffe? 

Ha ha. Well, I'm a tall girl who has been referred to as giraffeover the years, and I love lipstick. A friend of mine actually helped me see the correlation and the rest is history!

Q. How long have you been blogging now?

The Lipstick Giraffe became officially official in 2012 with a hiatus in early 2013. I've put the majority of my free time into it starting in November of 2013 and haven't looked back. Its more than a blog now, its a business that offers services in the form of spokesmodeling, wardrobe styling and consulting.

Q. What's your greatest success to date after starting The Lipstick Giraffe?

Launching the styling arm of my brand.

Q. What's your biggest lesson-learned?

That you cant look at what everyone else is doing. While I have been inspired by other bloggers over the years, Ive had to make certain decisions that were best for my brand and the audience I am trying to reach. Its a lesson that I am continuously learning. :)

Q. What advice would you give your younger self?

You are smart and strong enough to take the big leap. Leap.

Q. What's a style trend you're loving right now?

Theres two, actually. I love joggers (printed, denim, you name it) because they are super versatile. Im also loving the classic look. Sturdy basics that can be worn a variety of ways.

Q. What are five words that describe your personality?

Witty. Resilient. Stubborn. Compassionate.

Q. What drives you to continue TLG, what influence has this had on your life in a positive way?

Its made me more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

Q. What's your advice to other bloggers just starting out?

I feel like you can't start a blog until you understand the blogosphere, so I would encourage new bloggers to read blogs to understand the amount of energy and effort it takes. From there, decide what the area of focus will be and really look at their work schedule and set some benchmarks on the frequency in which they would post on the blog. While it's great to have a lot of content on your site for people to engage in, I'd rather post once a week on the site (more times on social media) than three or four times if it's just for the sake of having something up. Your readers will appreciate quality over quantity! 

Q. And of course, what's your favorite lipstick?  

I have to choose just one? It's hard because I carry at least 4 with me on a reg. Right now I am loving So Chaud by MAC. It's a very vibrant matte orange that literally brightens up every outfit. 

XX - Kylie