Blogger Diaries: A Q&A with Jyostna from Cuppajyo

Blogger Diaries: A Q&A with Jyostna from Cuppajyo

Cuppajyo's Jyotsna is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she recently relocated to sunny CA from Boston, and has been living in the area for the past 7 months. She has been blogging for a little over a year and writes about personal style and beauty. She is very adventurous in her style and loves trying out different style genres; but casual chic and beachy boho styles seem to be her fav! And they look awesome on her! 

I'm honored that Jyo so graciously agreed to be the first fashion-blogger in the new series I'm launching on my page, "Blogger Diaries" wherein I'll be interviewing fashion bloggers from across the country to provide insight into what they're doing and why, and give up and coming bloggers inspiration and insight into how to get started, and keep following their dreams! A big thank you to Jyo for giving me and Tan & Wild readers a look behind the blog! 

Below, please find my Q&A with Jysotna, and feel free to share any comments or questions you have below and I'll be sure to direct them to her! And stay tuned for some fun new Q&A's in the weeks to come. 

Q. What inspired you to start blogging?

A couple of my friends have always asked me for fashion advice, being a shopping partner, suggestions for outfits, etc. It gave me great joy to help them out as well as satisfy my ultimate wish to be a stylist. This is when I started posting outfits on Chictopia and Instagram, which got good response, ultimately encouraging me to start Cuppajyo!  

Q. What is behind the name Cuppajyo and how long did it take you to decide on utilizing that for your blogging platform?

I wanted to personalize my blog name and hence played around with th traditional cup of joe to make it Cuppajyo :), literally meaning your cup of Jyo. With this blog, I want to share with my readers my cup of fashion, beauty, and anything that inspires me. I was pretty sure I wanted to use Wordpress so that didn't take me too long. 

Q. What's your greatest success to date after starting Cuppajyo?

One of the best successes I would say is being in Top 10 fashion bloggers in Boston for 2014. (I started my blog when I was in Boston). 
Q. What's your biggest lesson-learned?

Blogging definitely isn’t as easy and rosy as it looks. It is time consuming right from photoshoots to editing to reaching out to brands to social media marketing. 
Q. What advice would you give your younger self?

To not be afraid to take the step in doing something you have always wanted to do!
Q. What's a style trend you're loving right now? 

Distressed denim - pants, shorts, anything! Obsessed with it :). 
Q. What are five words that describe your personality?

Fun, lively, friendly, adventurous and confident.
Q. What drives you to continue Cuppajyo, what influence has this had on your life in a positive way?

Starting a blog and building a brand for myself has been a great journey and I enjoy every aspect of it. I have met and worked with so many interesting people through blogging! I have developed so many skills and gained a lot of valuable experiences through blogging as well. It makes me so happy to help and inspire my readers. All these little aspects in blogging keeps me driven. 
Q. What's your advice to other bloggers just starting out?

If you are really passionate or motivated about starting your blog, there is nothing stopping you! It took me a couple of months to contemplate and muster the courage to take this step, but I am really glad I took the plunge! If you want to make a name for yourself, be prepared to work hard, be consistent and persistent. Of course there are a lot of freebies and small bouts of fame, but that shouldn’t be why you are in it. Being patient, dedicated and passionate about what you do will definitely give you a lot more pleasure and a greater sense of fulfillment. I wish all the aspiring bloggers the best of luck!  
Q. What is your best advice for working with photographers? 

My husband is my main photographer but since he super busy during the week I only shoot with him on weekends. I do work with a few other photographers during the week. My advice would be to do your research and scout for photographers that really suit your aesthetic and don't be afraid to drop them a little hello mail/meet up for coffee to talk about what you are looking for. I have made some really good friends in some of my photographers :)! 
Q. What is your favorite go-to pose?

I love the right side of my face , haha don't we all have a favorite side?! So looking over to the left is my favorite pose.  
Q. Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I want to start Cuppajyo as a brand and have the blog be an extension of it.  I want to provide styling services from personal shopping to other wardrobe services and makeovers. My plan keeps changing every now and then so ask me this question a year down the line and hopefully I will have the same answer for you ;).

You can learn more about Jyo here: Cuppajyo