The Must-Have Outdoor Spring Jacket

For a fashion girl who loves activities outdoors, it's hard to find a jacket that's both stylish and functional - that I can wear camping, hiking, biking, or potentially to bar for a game of corn-hole.

For me, I want a jacket that can breathe, if the weather changes from hot to cold, I don't want to worry about taking my jacket on and off multiple times as my body temperature changes.

There's one jacket that I recommend every woman grab this spring. It transitions super easily into fall, and is worth the money.

Here's what you need to know about this jacket: 

For "stop and go" activities, say a hike in the spring-time or a mountainous climb, the Patagonia Nano-Air jacket is a layer you don't have to remove. This means its breathable and flexible enough to keep you warm enough in the morning chill, and light enough to not need to be removed during the warmer afternoon sun break.

It's super porous, it lets out water while you sweat, but doesn't hold the water in, soaking you and causing discomfort. It's also water repellant should those spring showers open up, and quick dry so you don't remain drenched.

There are a number of pockets in this jacket which make it extremely convenient for us ladies, no purse needed here. There's a zipper for credit cards or keys directly along the vertical zipper, two on the side for hands for hand warmers, phones, or anything else you might need with you. There's also a hoody to protect against the elements.

For me, the best part about this jacket, is that Patagonia uses environmetally-friendly ingredients and testing, so I know that I'm putting my money towards a good cause. They also have such amazing customer-service that if anything breaks on the jacket, you can bring it in for a repair free of charge and they'll send it back to you.

For the Urban gal who loves the outdoors, this a jacket I'd recommend the $249 on. 

You can also check out where this post originally appeared on an awesome site called The Urban Deer. The Urban Deer caters for those of who love the outdoors and like to remain comfortable and stylish.