All The Cool Girls Wear Denim

2014 proved that denim on denim could actually look relatively, well, chic. And 2015 is showing us that this isn't a trend that's going out of style anytime soon. 

I love that a lot of 70's trends are coming back into style now (big flare bell bottoms, fringe, high-waisted pants, wide-legged slacks) because it's just another indication that style is always evolving to where it started from. 

A few years ago crop tops were so out, and long t-shirts and overlays were in - still are, but crop tops are clearly making a comeback in a big way. 

Denim on denim is one of my favorite spring trends, especially when paired with a fashionable flat or pretty pump. 

Are you into this trend, love it or hate it? 

You know where I stand: love it. 

XX, Kylie