You can do no wrong in an all black outfit, if you add an off the shoulder dress and over the knee boots to that mix we are really in business. As you can probably see, I have definitely been getting my wear out of these Report boots from Macy's.

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it on ASOS online, but never bought it. Months and months later, it was still on my mind and I was willing to pay the $103 for it since I couldn't stop thinking about it, when I saw it was on sale for $31! In fact, it is still on sale and I've linked to it below where you can get yours! 

Everyone needs a LBD (little black dress) in their closet, and this is by far the new favorite in mine. My layered jewelry is from Rocksbox. I've mentioned Rocksbox multiple times throughout my blog posts, as most of the jewelry that I end up wearing is from my current months' Rocksbox. It's a subscription service where you get three pieces of designer jewelry a month to wear for as long as you want, for only $19 a month. Use code "kyliebff4" for a free month if you're interested in trying it out!