Holiday Hair Inspiration: Waterfall Braid

Photos by Russie Denay

I will never forget being a little girl and having my mom braid my hair. I remember thinking that it seemed so magical, how did she do that?! Now that I can finally recreate some of those looks, I love doing my hair in braids all the time. 

This particular braid is one that I think is the most beautiful of all of the braids! Aside from the fishtail which is my absolute favorite. It looks so seamless and beautiful and doesn't even require a rubber band if done correctly! 

Waterfall braids are perfect for any holiday party, and instantly upgrade your look. By pulling one piece of the hair through the braid so that it falls down against your head, it makes it look like water falling down the side of your face. 

I paired this look with some bright pink lipstick and gold eyeshadow by Clinique, in addition to a winter white sweater. You can find the products I used and some more winter white sweaters below for inspiration!