The Winter Cocktail Recipes You've Gotta Try

If you can't tell by now, I love the holidays. I think I love it so much because it elicits such great memories for me. Every time the holidays roll around, I get excited to be home in my pajamas with my family, laughing over a movie, gathering in the kitchen to make treats, and stuffing ourselves silly with delicious food. 

The holidays for me are truly a happy time. It goes by so fast that I enjoy savoring the moment. When I was younger, I also really looked forward to gifts, not going to lie there. Now, I just look forward to taking a moment to reflect on all of the things I'm happy for. One of them, aside from many other, more important things, is the liquor cabinet at my parents' home. They always have so much fun stuff and we are incredibly close to a specialty food store where we can buy unique ingredients to make fun cocktails when my sister Casey and I come home for the holidays. 

I am already planning for our families Thanksgiving this year, and have been looking up some fun cocktails to make while I'm home to test out my recipes on my family (I don't think they'll mind!) Here are a few I think are absolutely worth trying this wintery season. 


Warm Coconut Milk with Honey and Bourbon

Via "The Gouda Life"

Spiced Irish Coffee 

Bourbon Spiked White Hot Chocolate 

Mulled Cranberry Orange Sangria 

Honey Bourbon Apple Cider