Guide to Bright Lipsticks

I love wearing lipstick, and I personally feel like the brighter the lipstick the whiter it makes my teeth look! 

I get a lot of questions about lipstick: "How do you know how to choose the right shade?" "How do I start wearing lipstick if I typically wear only chapstick?" "How do I not look like a clown when I just throw on some bright lips and call it a day?" 

The photo below are the lip colors I wear the most frequently. I wear a solid mix between gloss, matte lipstick, lip pencils (which act as liners and lip color), and lip stains - - lip stains are much thicker and you need to be super careful with your application so that it doesn't run over your lip line too much, and these last for a long time! (These Stila ones in the photo below also smell absolutely amazing which I was not expecting) 

It can be hard to determine in the beginning what type of lipstick you like to wear, and what colors are the most suited for your skin tone and your personal preference from day to night transition. 

Below, I have a few tips that should help guide you into bright lipsticks! Always remember to just HAVE FUN with it! If you feel confident and love what you are wearing, then girl, do you. 

Start Neutral - Matte is great for this. 

This Velvet Teddy lip stick by MAC is probably my favorite color that I own. We even wore this shade at one of my best friend's weddings recently because all of us looked so good in it. It looks different across skin tones, but overall it's the perfect neutral shade to get started with, and the matte finish makes it look sophisticated. 

When you're ready to move away from neutral, try going for a mix between a gloss, a matte and a lip stick - - something with almost a chapstick like feel with lipstick color. This Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite! 

In these photos I'm wearing the shade "Amazing Grace," which Charlotte Tilbury says was inspired by her vision of "The Uptown Girl" like Grace Kelly, Nicole Kidman or Miranda Kerr. A modern classic. This color looks perfect on everyone and is great for spring, summer and even into fall. It stays on for hours and looks flattering against any skin tone (I had my mom and my girlfriend try it on and they both loved it). The 3D glowing pigments create the illusion of "full-beam" lit-from-within lips that optically appear wider and fuller for a more luscious pout.

Try a lip stain! These are meant to be super long-lasting throughout the day or evening, so it'll give you an idea if you like the texture, and if you like the color enough to truly keep it on that long! 


Look One: MAC in Velvet Teddy; Look Two: Charlotte Tilbury in Amazing Grace; Look Three Stila in Venezia Stay All Day liquid lipstick; Look Four: Stila in Beso Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick