Actually Affordable OTK Boots!

You guys. It is almost fall. I've been pretending like it's fall already, but let's be honest it's over 80 degrees most days (even in San Francisco) and wearing a coat during the day in many parts of the world is still largely unbearable. 

Fall is probably my absolute favorite season, I love grey weather (why I live in San Francisco) and I love over the knee boots even more than that. 

One thing I don't like however, is when I see the most amazing over the knee boots from some of the bloggers that I follow and they're $800+ dollars. Hi, I live in a few hundred square feet for thousands and thousands of dollars a month and I simply cannot afford those $800 boots today, k thanks, buh bye. To Forever21 I go with my gift card.

What I can trick myself into believing, is that if the boots are less than $300 they are surely within my budget (they still sort of are not - to be clear). 

I went through and found some of my absolute favorite OTK boots in all colors, and have linked them below.  My favorite way to pair over the knee boots is with leggings or super skinny jeans and a chambray top (chambray tops are probably my second favorite thing) or with a cute shift dress. 

What is your favorite boot below? Did I miss one you'd like to see? Let me know!