Best Dressed Guest Part II: Navy Jumper

Welcome to part II of my "Best Dressed Series" where I chronicle outfits that you can wear to your remaining fall and winter events! I wanted to start this post off a bit differently, in a photo I put in black and white because I felt it looked so much more dramatic and, fierce. 

I love a good, sexy, and chic jumpsuit that is both feminine and masculine at the same time. I paired it with these leopard heels and gold accessories to match the gold belt that's included on the jumper. I chose to go without a necklace to keep the focus on the sweetheart top, as the piece itself is enough of a statement. 

One thing I need to be upfront about in this post is that none of these pieces aside from the bracelet are new, so they are not easily shopped online (sorry!). I hate it when I find a piece on someone else's blog that I love and realize it's years and years old, a vintage-piece even and I can't get my hands on it. As such, I've linked to a few other items that are incredibly similar (or even better, depending on your taste) below so that you can browse similar styles from this season. 

Bracelet, Shoes are from Plato's Closet - no joke, I got them for under $10 in Pleasanton, but I love these cheetah print ones, and these also. I got this jumper years ago, and it is so classy in my opinion. I love the navy color and the accented gold pieces around the waist, which really pulls you in in all the right places and accentuates your figure. I also love this one from UsTrendy which is completely in budget!