DIY Mason Jar & Candle Home Project

Props to PicLab, one of my favorite iPhone app photo apps for the great background options here! 

Today, my boyfriend and I decided that before we go back to work we needed to get to work. On our apartment. We have almost lived here for a year and our "wall art" and DIY ideas have remained just that, ideas. So today, we (by we I mean mainly I) took the initiative to get a few things done and make our apartment feel even more cozy and homey than it had before. 

I got to painting some mason jars in gold and pink to place on our cute TV stand, and my boyfriend got to hanging our cute little square shelves. 

Also, for Christmas my parents got us these amazing 'fake' flicker candles that can be controlled by a remote, or you can place them on a timer as well which makes for great decor! 

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