My December Birchbox Product Highlight

I am guilty as charged of subscribing to multiple beauty and skincare, and jewelry subscription boxes that arrive on my doorstep either monthly or quarterly and feature a number of sample size or full size product options to my surprise each month. 

A lot of times, I throw out some small random items that I know I'll never use, but I keep (hoard) the other small items, namely facial cleansers, masks, wrinkle creams and more that I know I'll try out at some point in time. One such product I recently tried out from my December Birchbox was Coola's organic sunblock that retails for $36.00.

A few fun facts about me and skincare:

  • I have been using wrinkle cream since I was 17 years old
  • I have always been obsessed with wrinkles, freckles, and skincare in general
  • I have tried at least 10 different wrinkle creams in the past year and will continue trying more to see which actually make a difference, which feel the best and which I'd prefer to not use again 

What is my point? I am an aficionado when it comes to morning/evening skincare products. 

I already have eye wrinkles, and some chest wrinkles even, but not protecting my skin when I was just a child to an early teen my purposely not putting on any sunscreen and remaining in the sun for hours at a time. I do not tan naturally, yet assumed that my skin would react to the sun the same way as my friends' who were of Spanish or Latin-American origins and tanned immediately. 

I think it's super important to put sunscreen on your face, ears, neck and chest each morning underneath your moisturizer or any additional makeup (BB creams too) especially as you age to avoid sun damage. 

Coola, is the best I've tried so far in terms of ease of use, it truly is unscented, and it goes on smoothly and also includes BB cream. It has SPF 30. It is also made with natural Rose Hip Oil which is rich in free radical fighting Vitamin C. Coola also features a calming Evening Primrose and Flaxseed oil to improve elasticity and help skin retain moisture. It is also water resistant, and would be great for any sort of vacation or wearing during a workout where you think you might be sweating. 

Try it out and let me know what you think!