Coffee & Conversation // Sunday Musings

I love Sundays, and I love coffee shops on Sunday mornings even more. Although I'll admit, today was no typical Sunday. The boyfriend's car pooped out on him on the bridge this morning, yes the Bay Bridge. #safe. Psyche. Thankfully I have AAA, and unthankfully you must be present if you need to tow someone's car. So I Lyfted over to the bridge, you know, typical conversation. "Hi, nice to meet you I'm looking to be dropped off on the bridge. K thanks." Awkward. Luckily, my Lyft driver was legit and got me to his car safely and securely. 

AAA towed the car and I came back to the city for a meeting that just may be the best thing ever. Stay tuned for more excitement to come :) 


XX, tan and wild