Benefit Chestnut Street's 25th Anniversary Party

Yesterday, my sister Casey and I attended the 25th Anniversary party of Benefit stores in San Francisco. Did you know that Benefit was founded by two women, twins (!) in the Mission District? The Chestnut store - which is a pretty big location, originally started at 1/8 the size it currently is now, and has grown to be one of the most successful beauty brands in the world. 

I know that I'm a huge fan of Benefit, I was invited to the event in the first-place because of the amount of $$ I spend there regularly. Whoops :) 

[[Invitation sent out to customers prior to the event]]

[[Invitation sent out to customers prior to the event]]

One thing I love about Benefit is the mantra that "laughter is the best cosmetic" and doesn't have to be so serious. Most of the time in magazines or in make-up print ads, it never seems like anyone is actually laughing or smiling in the make-up, they're so stone-cold and serious. 

Just look at these cute coasters we got in our gift bags! 

Here's the only photo my sister and I got while at the event, although we stood right behind the founders' daughter and believe we might have been in more photos than we took! 

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