Wine Tasting Weekend

For my dad's 60th, half of the battle on our trip to Napa was what do I wear? 

This was the first look I went with, before I realized it was going to be 100 degrees plus, and therefore I needed to move onto look #2. 

This is one of my favorite outfits. 

Hat: Lucky Brand for women

Shawl: Current Clothing, on Union Street

Jeans: Paige Denim 

This was what I ended up changing into, I had to remove the shawl due to the incredible heat. And, how could I pass up a picture next to this incredible area on the wine? 

I know this is blurry, #sorrynotsorry but my mom was drunk and therefore my photo ended up like this. 

This is a photo in the tasting room at Raymond Vineyard, I loved this room. 

How fabulous was this setup? 

My beautiful man and I :) 

My family, happy birthday to my dad! 

Boys will be boys, right?

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