My Must-Have Baby Picks!

Now that Kinsley is almost three months old(how!!), I’ve started to feel like I’ve gotten the hang of this whole mommy thing and have also started to grasp which baby products are absolutely essential to parenting this little gal. I’ve included my picks below and would love to hear if I missed any that are vital to you! I’ve listed WHY they made the list and HOW we use them so any new mamas to be or current mamas can evaluate just in case they might need one of these. Read through and let me know!

  1. Uppababy Vista Stroller

    I am obsessed with our UppaBaby stroller. We tried a lot of different options before settling on the Vista, and here’s what we loved so much about it. The UppaBaby Vista pack that we got comes with the stroller base, and a bassinet (that’s sleep safe) and the stroller seat that is so easy to maneuver and get set up. We also ordered the Uppababy Mesa Car Seat that ALSO hooks on to your stroller. So this means, if you’re traveling in the car with your baby, you don’t need to pick them out of their carseat (especially if they’re asleep!) and transfer them to a new spot, just grab and go onto your stroller. The regular stroller seat is great for babes that maybe just fed, and spit up a bit, like my baby does, because we can position her in a seated position but slightly reclined so that she isn’t flat on her back after a feed, when we like to go on our walks. The bassinet fitting is so wonderful because it comes with a cover to keep her warm, and is fantastic if she’s near sleep and we want to get out for a quick walk. Also, you can position the baby towards you, or away from you, which is a feature I find beneficial. So far we’ve only placed her towards us because she’s still so small, but I assume when they’re bigger they’ll want to face out and look at other people ;) The biggest benefit to the Vista, as opposed to say the Uppababy Cruz Stroller, is that the Vista eventually can transition into a double for when you have a new baby. Strollers are so expensive as it is, we didn’t find it necessary to get a super expensive stroller that won’t eventually hold a second kid when we’re ready for that. Highly recommend!

  2. Baby Shusher: The Sleep Miracle (app $4.99 also)

    This. THIS. We take this with us EVERYWHERE. Babies are used to hearing background noise in the womb, and it can be disarming for them to try to sleep in silence. This baby shusher is literally just that - it simulates a human ‘shush’ sound repeatedly and is a total calming effect for our baby. We slip it in her stroller when we’re out on walks and it’s near her naptime and drop it in her bassinet at bedtime to help her go down. We also bring it in the car when we’re driving as sometimes our baby is fussy getting strapped into her carseat and we find the Baby Shusher to be soothing for her. We didn’t use this much in the very beginning, until she started getting fussy at week 3- and then it became a GODSEND. There is also an app for $4.99 on your phone in the AppStore that I recommend. You’re bound to forget the actual product here and there, so having the sound on your phone that you can leave wherever you are with your baby, like out at lunch or the store, is hugely helpful.

  3. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Sound Machine

    I cannot say enough good things about this product. We didn’t open this product until about the first month of baby girl’s life and I SO wish we had earlier. We’ve now gotten so used to sleeping with this on at night that if it isn’t on we can tell something is missing from our nighttime routine. Mom and dad love it too! This can be used the whole night and is recommended from pediatricians to help ease babies to sleep. Again, like the product above, it provides ample background noise for baby. You’re meant to keep it on the whole night. You can choose the sound (waves - our top pick), birds chirping, wind, washing machine, etc.) and set a color (I chose pink, obviously). It can also act as a nightlight for your baby’s room and nursery and you can set timers and differentiated sounds for your little one. For example, when Kins is older, I plan on using the waves at bedtime and birds chirping as her ‘alarm’ as she is bigger. These cues will help signal your little one to day/night time, which is often disoriented for them when they’re super new. You can also adjust the light (pink at night, bright yellow in the morning) to help them ease into one versus the other.

  4. SwaddleMe pack

    At first, I was super confused by how you use these and felt like I couldn’t get them tight enough, or they were too close to her chin (would she move them over her mouth!?) and just thought they were annoying. She also HATED being swaddled in the beginning, so much so that we actually didn’t swaddle her for almost two weeks when we brought her home (lord help us all) because she would SCREAM. Now, she takes it like a champ and it definitely helps her sleep because she is a WIGGLE bod and often jolts herself awake like the little ones do. These are machine washable and the ones in packs are great because you have back-ups and can keep one in your diaper bag, upstairs, downstairs, etc.

  5. Jujube Be Right Back Diaper Backpack

    I tried EVERY backpack imaginable on at BuyBuyBaby, and finally went with this one and I’m so glad I did. It holds all of my things, has a pocket for my sunglasses, lipstick, wallet, a lanyard for my carkeys, a mesh section for diapers and wipes, a section to hold a blanket or wrapped up swaddle, and is machine washable and COMFORTABLE when you wear it with lots of items. The side pockets are also insulated so that you can keep a hot or warm beverage and they stretch so that you’re not forcing a mommy thermos into the side pocket only to have it slip out while you throw the backpack in the car. It’s also waterproof which is great in case you spill milk (god forbid), formula, or spit up gets on the backpack. It won’t ruin the exterior or dull like some of the other backpacks out there.

  6. Graco Pack n Play

    This is such a wonderful piece for any home with a newborn. It can transition into a toddler play pen when they’re older, has a vibration module so that your little one feels ‘rocked’, and can easily come out (we put her on our coffee table in the sleeper ALL the time), can be used as a bassinet and is sleep safe (she slept in here the first few days of life!), and has a changing pad for any blow outs. This is so great that my parents actually bought one for their house so that we can drop her in there when we go over to visit.

  7. DockAtot

    I didn’t know how we’d really use this as first, but we LOVE it. It’s also machine washable and you can switch the covers which is great. It’s not sleep recommended, but it’s fantastic for early morning feeds when she falls asleep on me and I don’t need to swaddle her back up and put her in her own bed. I drop her in here, set her on top of the covers (important), in between my husband and me, and we let her sleep in between us should she need us. This is also great for traveling and if you need to get up and do something in your room and don’t want to leave your babe on top of the bed. Love it!

  8. Kickee Pants onesie

    These are SO soft, and we love that they have feet AND hand covers for when your newborn has fingernails you’re too scared to clip or file yet. You just flip the hand covers over their hands so that they’re like little mittens. These are also just so cozy and our little one loves hers. The sunflower was one of her very first outfits and we just think it’s so adorable.

  9. Dr. Brown’s baby bottles

    We are exclusively breastfeeding our gal so it’s rare we use bottles, but in case I have a drink and decide that I shouldn’t breastfeed right then to be safe, we throw my stored milk in here. She took to these bottles RIGHT away and we still use them here and there to ensure that she understands she’ll be getting bottles more when mom goes back to work (how will I leave her!).

  10. Dr. Brown’s deluxe electric bottle warmer

    This bottle warmer is a GODSEND. Sometimes our little one gets fussy if she doesn’t eat RIGHT then and she refuses to latch (diva) and we need to give her a bottle to calm her down. We heat up my stored milk from the fridge in just a few minutes (instead of heading a pot of water or something) and she’s ready to go. It’s also not too large where you couldn’t take it with you. We just took our first family vacation and this baby came with us the day we went wine tasting. We came home when we knew she’d need to feed, timed it just right, heated up her bottle and we had a happy camper.

I hope you enjoyed reading and that these tips were helpful!!

Thanks for stopping by!