My First Mother's Day + Kinsley's Newborn Photos

sweet heart.png

Today is my first Mother’s Day! It feels so surreal just thinking that almost two months ago my baby was still in my belly and I was wondering about who she would be, what she’d look like, and how I’d feel bringing a child into this world.

No matter what you read about how to mentally prepare for labor and delivery when you’re pregnant, nothing fully prepares you (in my opinion) for the experience. Everyone’s journey’s are so different I’m sure - but I felt wholly unprepared as we were told it was time to ‘push’ and that in no time our baby girl would be here.

To think that today has already been SEVEN weeks since I brought this nugget into the world is insane.

Motherhood is the most beautiful, frustrating, eye opening experience I’ve ever had so far. It’s truly an honor to humble yourself in the journey of motherhood. You don’t realize how strong your body is or how much will you have to ‘get through anything’ than you do when you have a newborn baby. It’s NOT easy. There are sleepless nights, lots of tears and an incredibly step learning curve as you try to get to know your baby - what does this cry mean, why won’t she stop crying, and when they need you and when you need to sit back and just let them be and learn.

Today, on Mother’s Day - I’m thankful and grateful. Grateful for my body in a way that I have never been before, and grateful for my family. Safi and I CREATED this beautiful being, and I get to be her mama for as long as I live - what a serious honor and blessing. She is the greatest gift I have ever been given and bringing her into this world truly made me appreciate all that the Universe has to offer. Getting to spend the last seven weeks with her has been such a huge blessing. I will never take any small moment for granted. Like the fact that she is already sleeping through the night (!!), or every time she makes a small sound, sneezes, grasps my finger with her little hands, tracks me with her eyes as I walk across the room, holds my arm with her head on my shoulder as I burp her, and smiles at me like I’m the greatest thing she’s ever seen.

These are moments I hope to treasure forever. While I don’t always condone ALWAYS being on our phones, I’m so glad we have iPhones now so that I can capture all of her sweet little moments and share them with my family.

I hope to be an inspiration for my little girl as she grows up. I want to raise her to be strong, fight for what she believes in and for others, kind, gentle but fierce, and to truly LOVE herself. I think the biggest blessing of my pregnancy and motherhood for me so far is the fact that I was not in a place of self-love before I got pregnant. And after I got pregnant, I had no choice but to truly reflect on my current state of mind, my body - and how the two of those are so closely intertwined and dependent on each other. Now, I value my body and want to make it as healthy as can be to ensure it can take care of my sweet little girl forever.

Speaking of my sweet little girl, here are some photos we took of Kinsley when she was only a few days old - we’ll treasure these forever!

Photos by Little Rae Photo