2019 Goals - Shit Kylie Says Version


I admittedly have always been one of those people that starts a New Year and makes a fitness-related goal that I usually end up breaking immediately. After I break it, I feel shitty about myself and think of the past xx years of resolutions I made to be in “my best shape ever” or “do more yoga” and I realize that really - I don’t keep many of the goals I set to make myself better - and by better I mean healthier. Whether that be body health (like fitness), spiritual (like journaling or meditation) or, anything. Why is that?

It’s so easy to set a goal at work and understand when you’re close to accomplishing it, or doing something small (I need a dress for this event, I shop endlessly, I buy one that I like, and presto, goal complete!).

I read an interesting article about millennials the other day that focused on the fact that when it comes to adulting, millennials really don’t like to do anything that doesn’t serve us right away. Meaning, if you have to physically go to the DMV to do something, you’ll put it off for an ungodly amount of time until you are FORCED to get it done, otherwise it falls to the lowest of the low on priority lists. I am like this, but this also seriously offended me. I get a lot of shit done, ok, thank you very much.

Ok, pregnancy brain diversion there - back to the topic at hand.

The New Year always comes with insane deals from local gyms, personal trainers, and ads on Facebook about fucking e-books and things to help you get healthier. I totally commend everyone for making fitness goals in the New Year. But I think sometimes we set ourselves up to fail if we just sort of KNOW we won’t really do it. I think instead of setting up resolutions about changing your life, it is best to make some personal goals that you think you MIGHT realistically be able to accomplish.

I was talking with my bestie recently about resolutions and goals, and it really got me thinking about what i prioritize. Below, I’ve compiled what I think those are, and I’d love your opinions on what you’ve come up with this year for yourself. I wonder if any of these will change once I’m officially in the #momsquad, but I doubt it.

My 2019 Goals

  1. Think less, DO more. I overthink about stupid shit. I can make quick decisions if you ask for my opinion knowing that ultimately, you will take it or leave it and do your own thing. But when it comes to something that will personally affect ME, or may affect ME, I typically overthink it. For instance, I debate posting things on Instagram ALL the time wondering about reactions. I want to swear more on the blog and talk as if I’m talking to friends in real life, but I debate who may be reading this and then scale back. I’m hoping that if you’re reading this at all, it’s because you’re interested in what I have to say, even if you won’t always agree with MY approach - and I think that’s fine. So this year, I want to do more that pleases me, without thinking what others might think about it. I just want to DO more that brings me joy.

  2. Teach myself new digital skills. I don’t consider myself an influencer and my goal from blogging or Instagram isn’t to quit my day job and become one. I do love fashion, pretty pictures, and opening up dialogues though, so I’d love to find new creative ways to do that digitally, where a HUGE audience does exist. Learning how create a YouTube video is SUPER high on that list. I learned how to blog myself - I created and coded this entire site myself, so I’m hoping I can take some time to figure out the whole YouTube thing as I’ve gotten asked a ton of things I’d love to put on there. Like the best fake tanners and how to apply, how I curl my hair with my flat iron, etc.

  3. Find more things that are for ME and bring ME joy. This is broad, and there’s a reason for that. Being pregnant, I’ve most definitely spent the MOST time I’ve ever spent nesting at home. I don’t get called to go out as much, and I’m surprised (sadly) when someone wants to hang out (I’m still fun sober, yay!). Once I become a mama and have my time pulled in even more directions, I think I’m really going to need to determine the things I love personally that bring me joy, and that I do simply because I WANT to do them. Reading a book, journaling, watching cooking shows, whatever the case may be, I want to actually be able to identify a few of these things and do them more consistently

  4. Create a better health routine and become more knowledgeable about my body. I think we’re all in a constant struggle to find balance. Knowing that in a few short months (2.5!) I’ll have a baby girl in the world with me, I want to actually acknowledge that certain decisions I make that may affect her in the long run (like my self esteem) are well taken care of, and that starts by being more mindful about my body and what works for it - and putting some love into it. Eating better, yeah, sure, but moreover doing things for my mind AND body that make me feel better (i.e. not sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix and feeling sorry for myself that I feel fat). I’ve made A LOT of progress in this area over the past year, even if it means I’ve gained some weight, but overall, I’m happier - and that’s more important to me.

  5. Say yes more, but don’t be afraid to say no. We all know we have agreed to do something, the day of said event comes, and then neither party reaches out and we’re secretly happy that it diffused because deep down it felt like a ‘hassle’ to go anyways. I’ve gotten over this a lot in the past year. I used to do that purposely because I was afraid to say no. Since being pregnant, I’ve been less shameful of just saying no if I really don’t want to do something. I am usually pretty honest in my reasoning too. I hope to never hurt anyone’s feelings unintentionally, but I also am paying more attention to what my body and mind want, need, etc. - and sometimes that means missing out on events that you don’t think you’ll enjoy.

  6. Carve out date nights for me and my husband. Enough said. With a new baby in the mix, I’m sure this will be tough at first, but I don’t want to lose “us” and know that at times we’ll need some time out of the house and without our nugget to simply reconnect as us.

  7. Carve out date nights for me and my ladies. My sister, my mom, all my best gal pals. I think this is important too and doesn’t always have to be done when you’re ‘coupled’ up. It’s obviously fun to have our partners, but I miss having JUST girl time a lot too.

I wanted to get to 10, but that’s really enough for a whole year I think. That’s a lot of fucking goals!

What are you planning for 2019 that you’d like to share? Any tips for a mama to be? I’d love to hear them in the comments and thanks for following along!