Third Trimester Update + Maternity Photos

I’m officially in month 8 of my pregnancy and while I do feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve had a glass of rosé or a spray tan, it also feels like it’s gone by super fast!

Here are some of the things that I did not experience thus far in my pregnancy that most baby books and pregnancy sites said that I would:

  • Huge mood swings: I’m not going to lie to you - I felt crazier before I got pregnant. I have felt much more even keeled, relaxed, and comfortable in my own skin during my pregnancy. Yes, I’ve gained weight, my skin feels a bit drab and I haven’t had a spray tan in I don’t know how many months, but I never had uncontrollable crying fits or bursts of rage that terrified my husband any more than me during a crazy night of binge drinking did. I’m calling that a win.

  • Linea Nigra: Nearly every single book I’ve read or every single site and pregnancy app has mentioned that by now you’ll have that dark line protruding down your navel. I don’t have it - like, at all. My doctor said that at this point, I probably won’t get it. Nice!

  • An outtie belly button: I have a very inny. Like, super inny. It’s for sure expanding to the MAX it can at this point, but it’s not showing through my clothes at all and hasn’t “popped” like others mentioned it would. I still have two months, so I’m anticipating that this will happen later on.

  • Stretch marks: I know I have genetics to thank on this one, but I have not had any new stretch marks (that I can see, lol) yet.

  • Insane swelling of the hands or feet: I have to thank the weather for this - because if it were hot, I can imagine I’d be swollen as a damn air balloon. I always feel like my fingers are “thinner” when I’m cold, and it’s been pretty cold up until this point. Note to self if I get pregnant in the summer - try to survive. So far, I still have my rings on and my feet aren’t looking freakish (yet)

What I have experienced so far that may or may not be unique to my pregnancy alone:

  • Still getting sick: I still vom nearly every single week, which I was REALLY hoping would go away. It seems to happen right around the time I move to a new “week” in my pregnancy. I no longer feel like I am drowning in nausea like I was in the beginning where I was literally afraid to leave the house because I didn’t want to get sick in a public restroom, but it still happens more than I’d like it to - and I’m over it.

  • Weight gain: So far, I’ve gained a total of 15 pounds going into month 8. I’m told that’s good, but I’m hoping these last two months don’t surprise me with additional weight gain.

  • Sleeping problems: I have always had a hard time sleeping, so this one isn’t too big of a surprise for me. I’m most uncomfortable now than I’ve been my whole pregnancy though. Sometimes I’ll accidentally wake up on my back and feel like my baby is very compressed on my back, and I’ll move to my side right away because it feels like she’s drowning in there - I don’t know how else to describe it

  • Peeing. All. The. Time. I legit could barely go an hour before pregnancy, and now that’s even worse. My commute alone sometimes terrifies me because if there’s a delay and I have a sudden emergency, I can barely waddle out of there fast enough to rush to work or home.

All in all - I honestly have enjoyed being pregnant. Even though no one gets up for me to give me a seat on Bart, I think being pregnant is so magical and exciting. I have always been self conscious, and being pregnant I have felt more myself, more comfortable in my own skin, and more accepting and appreciative of my body than I think I ever have in my life. I’m not super happy with how I look per se, but I am very proud that my body has been able to build this beautiful girl I’ll meet shortly.

I read a post on Instagram (It showed up on my discover page so I can’t share it otherwise I would), that really gave me perspective on carrying a child and being kind, patient and thankful to your body for these past 9 months.

The woman wrote a long post showing her huge pregnant belly at 9 months and 1 day pregnant. She was set that she would deliver on her due date. She’s a planner (that spoke to me). She was convinced it’d just “be that way” for her. Her kid HAD TO come on its due date, right? No. So despite the fact that her bag is packed, she’s ready to go and was disappointed that her child didn’t come then, she realized something that truly touched me. She gets an extra day with her baby, just the two of them, the magical way they are. Supremely connected in a way they won’t ever be again. She gets to feel her baby move and respond to her touch and her voice, knowing it could be any minute now that the miracle if ‘who are you’ becomes ‘you feel familiar!’ Being pregnant means that you just automatically perceive things differently. Being 9 months and 1 day pregnant you realize you will never be on your own time again. But you also realize that you have been connected to this magical little being for so long that the mystery of who they are, what they will look like and who they will be and become still feel you with such anticipation that you never would have known what it was like until you experienced it for yourself. I love that. I am SO excited to meet my babygirl, but I will miss this period when it feels like the two of us have this special bond that’s just us. When I cough and she moves. Or I bend down and she gets annoyed and pushes back against me. Or when I finally lay down and she decides she’d prefer to roll and kick me in the ribs. The anticipation of meeting her is so great, I’ve been talking about her for what feels like my whole life now; but knowing that I get a few more months with her in my belly, being my best sidekick (literally), makes me so happy and sad at the same time. I want to always be like this, me and her. So close and best friends. Yet, I know as soon as she’s born, she’ll feel familiar to me and we’ll move on in a brand new miracle of life.

Here’s to the next few months baby girl. See you soon <3