I'm PREGNANT + a quick pregnancy Q&A

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Ain’t no hood like Motherhood, so I hear.

I cannot believe the news is finally out, that Safi and I are expecting our first little nugget to welcome into the world towards the end of March next year. It’s been an absolute whirlwind.

I was so calm when I found out I was pregnant, it was like the morning of your wedding day. You consider so many ‘what if’s and think through scenario 1, 2, 3, 4, billion - to finally come to the day of where you are shocked at how calm and collected you feel. That’s truly how I felt when I took my test and found out. I even waited almost an hour to finally tell my husband because I woke up so early that day (which is rare for me) and was just bubbling with excitement.

I figured there’d be a lot of Q&As around my pregnancy, and some of you text or called to ask some of them, so I figured I’d compile a few of the most asked questions I’ve received so far into a blog post to start the process of sharing my experience.

How are you feeling?

This is always funny when people ask me, because I’m not sure if I should tell them the truth or just say, ‘Oh I’m hanging in there!’ Usually, I just tell the truth. Which is: I feel like shit. I have been so dreadfully sick, it has been awful trying to take Bart. From the motion, to all of the different smells, to how packed it is to and from, it’s been tough. I am on medication to help with the morning sickness, but for me, the ‘sickness’ really lasts all damn day long. I’ve gone to restaurants a few times so far being pregnant, and nothing sounds good to eat, I am not ever in the mood for anything (or, barely), and when I am, I feel like I must have that item because it sounds so delicious and I think I could actually stomach it without being sick.

Now that I’m getting farther along, this is supposed to clear up, unless I’m in the 1% that will have morning sickness throughout the duration of my pregnancy. Let’s hope that is not the case!

Do I want a boy or a girl?

That’s a super tough question. At the end of the day, I want a happy, healthy, little nugget. That is paramount. However, having said that, 99% of people that I’ve asked to ‘bet’ on the gender have said they think it’s a boy. I actually had a dream that I’m having a baby boy, but we’ll see if that turns out to be true. I always imagined myself as a mother of girls, but probably because I’m a girl, I never had any brothers, and most of my family friends were girls, so it’s hard for me to envision just a household of boys - but I’d still feel blessed if that were the case!

When are you due?

I’m due towards the end of March, so we’ll see if this little baby sticks to its date!

How are you doing with the loss of Harlowe?

For those that don’t know, our sweet baby nugget, Harlowe, our loving pitbull, passed away unexpectedly about a month ago now, and it’s been pretty devastating for us. I’m actually going to write a separate post about this so that I can accurately get out all of my thoughts and share some memories and highlight her like she deserves.

Have you started doing any decorating around your new house to get ready for baby?

This is a hard no. I’ve barely had energy to put my eyeliner on, so this is going to have to wait.

What’s your maternity style going to be?

If my dreams all came true, I wouldn’t even need to wear maternity and I could stick to regular cute dresses, boots and clothes, but knowing my body, I’ll be in need for some seriously stretchy pants in no time. Truly, I haven’t even begun to contemplate this yet, there’s just too much going on and I need to rest and take some time for myself before I can begin to plan out what I might wear when I finally start showing.

And finally…

Are you showing yet?!

No! Of the few that we told in advance before announcing, everyone said they couldn’t tell if I’m showing yet or not. I don’t totally feel like I am, but after I eat a bigger meal, it definitely looks like there is a food baby in there, and this time around, I know it is a real one lol. I’m expecting to start showing again in another month or two, when I’m around six full months, just due to how my body has been progressing so far. Updates to come!

Thanks for following along!