My wedding weekend - a year later

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It's so weird that it's already been a year (tomorrow, the 8th) that we got married. I remember SO vividly what I was feeling and doing the day/s before my wedding, it almost brings back some anxiety I felt then! 

I am an absolute perfectionist, so going through the wedding planning process was stressful but also SO cool to see your vision come to life and everyone you love in one room. I was worried that I'd forget bits and pieces about the wedding, or the process, and be sad that I forgot something. But for anyone who is planning a wedding right now, or those of you that have been through one, I think it's fine to forget little small bits and pieces because at the end of it all, you'll primarily be left with this "feeling" about your big day. It'll feel magical, it may bring tears to your eyes, it may be funny when you look back and think how seamless everything actually ended up going ! 

I remember checking into the house my parents rented the Thursday before the wedding, it was cloudy, a bit rainy, and I was freaking the hell out thinking, 'WHAT am I going to do if this weather doesn't let up?!' And guess what, it DID rain on the big day! While we were getting ready that morning and jamming out to music and champagne, my future hubby and some of his friends were on the golf course getting soaked while we were inside curling our hair and eating bagels, thinking - oh my God, and it'll be fine! 

Luckily, the skies opened up before set up began, the rain dissipated and the sun even ended up coming out! It was a little bit colder than I'd have liked if I could have chosen the 'perfect' temperature. But you know that saying, you make a plan and God laughs down on you (or something like that). 

Overall, I just remember having FUN. I was stressed at times, surprised how sober I felt (which looking back was good), and remember hearing some of my favorite songs on the playlist and apologizing to guests so I could run out there and dance and sing on the floor! 

Are there things I would do differently? Most DEF. But there is truly no point in looking back and thinking, "I wish I would've done this." Even though that's actually really hard. 

It is honestly hard to believe that 365 days have already come and gone, our house is THAT much closer to being finished, and we're two months away from actually really 'starting' our married lives. As most of you know, we're still with my parents in my childhood bedroom (and yep, baby H is here too), so when we move out it'll be so weird to see how our married lives truly begin since we'll be by ourselves for only the second time in our 10.5 year relationship. 

I'm wracking my brain right now to see if anything has really changed in our relationship. I will admit that it felt different for me when he went on a guy's trip because I was a little more nervous like, 'will girls know he's married?' 'Will he lose his ring?' 'Will I care more now that he's my HUSBAND versus just my boyfriend or my fiancé?'  But all in all, I think our relationship has proved to me that if we can live with my parents for two whole years and not kill each other - we'll pretty much be set for LIFE. (Shout out to the best roommates ever, my parents!). 

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, and if that's the case, then I think we're up for a pretty good forever :) 

Thanks so much for following along!