The Saturday Series - Shit Kylie Says - It's my hubby's birthday!

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Happy Saturday everybody! 

Today is such a special Saturday, it's the first time I get to say "Happy Birthday Hubby" to my HUSBAND!! I love him so much and I'm so excited to celebrate him and have a fun staycation in San Francisco, watch the Superbowl, eat some good food, and just relax. I need that so bad! 

Today I figured I'd share some fun facts about what I love the most about my husband for anyone interested in reading 'some shit that Kylie says' on the real today. Let's get it. 

1. He has never let me down 

From the first day I remember ever truly liking/loving/falling for Safi, he has never let me down. I actually thought about this for a long time and I couldn't think of a time that I felt super disappointed in him. He always puts me first (or second, because ball is life), and supports anything that I want to do. He wholeheartedly has loved me for who I am from the day that we met and I will always love and appreciate him so much for that. 

2. He is fiercely loyal

I love this SO much about him. If he loves you, you will know it. He may not be the best at responding to text messages (lol) but if you're someone that he loves, nobody can say anything to him about you, he'll have your back forever and for always. 

3. He is a passionate family man 

He loves his family so much and has so much respect for his culture. Growing up, I knew I was a mix of a ton of different nationalities, but I never grew up being one 'thing.' For him, since he grew up and is 100% Afghan, he had a very special upbringing and understands another language, has different customs than me, and eats different types of food. It's funny thinking back to our childhoods and knowing that while I was having chocolate milk and pepperoni pizza he was having naan and chicken and rice. It's so fun to think about how we'll incorporate both of these lifestyles into our own children's upbringings one day 

4. He loves kids and kids love him

I love this about him! I always used to be so happy when little kids loved me and every time I'm with a kid AND Safi, the kid always loves him more! It used to actually piss me off a little bit because when a kid doesn't like you, you immediately feel like you have a black soul or something. But with Saf, I know that they just see that he's someone who can be trusted and has a good heart :) 

5. His passion for basketball

He has a gold medal and played for his country's national team. Enough said #wayupIfeelblessed 

6. He is an incredibly hard worker

He is such a hard worker I cannot even. Like, I am a hard worker, but he takes it to a whole other level. He does not give up or quit ever and has such a fantastic work ethic. I know that everything that he has done has been for our future and that we are where we are in life today (getting ready to buy our HOME) because of his strategic thinking for our future 

7. He's the best doggy dad to our baby girl Harlowe

Harlowe LOVES him so much. Nearly every morning when we wake up our baby girl hops on the bed and is snuggled right up against the both of us, but she's always got her back or body touching Saf. In fact, yesterday morning when I was leaving for work (while they were still asleep and snuggling) I took a peek at the two of them in bed and they were actually spooning, girl just swooped on me like that. It was so cute! 


I could truly go on and on and on, but these are just a few of my favorite things about this wonderful husband of mine that I wanted to share on the blog today. 

Thank you SO much for following along and have a fantastic weekend!