The Saturday Series - Shit Kylie Says - Vulnerability on Social Media

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I follow a lot of bloggers. Some of them I want to be like, some of them I think are just pretty and have the most beautiful content I can never create (because I sit at a desk all day while they're out traveling the god damn world), some of them I just want to look like because on social media they present as perfect - the list goes on and on. BUT, there are very few bloggers whose pages I follow for SUBSTANCE. I think in this world that bloggers have created for themselves it's tough to be able to SHOW that side of you because usually, being vulnerable is not pretty, it doesn't make anyone envious of you, and if anything - it almost lets people down who think of you as some strong, kickass woman that is un-phased by the bullshit life has to throw your way every one in a while. 

I am finding those bloggers super hard to connect with, yet I'm still very interested in what they're up to. As I mentioned in a previous post, if you're making this your JOB to connect with people through your content and the word's you write, I would hope that it's on more than a "look at me, I'm so pretty!" basis. And unfortunately, I've noticed that that's the sort of content I've been trying to create lately. BUT, based on my metrics from my Instagram page, those are actually the posts that get the most love usually, interesting. Aside from the posts I have of myself with my husband - those actually seem to usually get the most likes. 

Actually, I ran a little experiment recently. I posted photos of me on my Instagram page that were actually taken a few years ago when I felt a lot better about myself and thought I looked a lot better. Those posts did MUCH better in terms of engagement than the other posts I've been trying so hard with recently, that get page views, but no engagement at all (likes, comments. etc.) Why is that? I had to ask myself. Is my inauthenticity showing through on my social channels? That's not a look I want to project, but I think it's actually coming through and it's appearing as vain and not really showing the true me and who I am. 

I think for one thing, it's tough to create content when you're sitting at your desk all day and commuting 2+ hours a day on Bart. Which is OK. That's just what my life is. I'm not doing this for a full-time job, I clearly don't put in the effort. But, for those bloggers that do this full-time, why aren't they? 

I assume anyone reading my blog likely follows other bloggers who are traveling the world, working with brands and creating content on a daily basis that allows them the privilege to post beautiful, envy-inducing images 3x a day. Unlike me! But, for those of you that are following them - what are you actually GETTING from them? Sponsored posts about a perfume, a sandal-line, or bathing suit line? Where's the authenticity with these women? I for one am getting a little sick of seeing their perfect little lives that don't reflect what more than half of us feel on a daily basis. ZITS. BLOATING. SADNESS. LONELINESS. BURRITOS. I mean, need I go on? 

I've made a lot of projections about what this blog is going to be for me as I go into 2018, but one thing I need to do a lot more of, and maybe this column is the place to do it - but that's GET REAL. I don't have a perfect life and while my Instagram may show it - it's not the way the world works! I of course want to post beautiful imagery because at the end of the day, I'm hoping to increase my community - but in order to do that - I think I need to nail it back and dial into the community I AM trying to be a part of. That's one of women who are strong, supportive, less judgy than more judgy - and willing to ENGAGE and make new friends, support what it is I'm trying to do, etc. 

All that to say - this blogging world ain't easy and your support of reading this platform I've created mean the world to me! Thanks for following along! 

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