Second Trimester Update + Favorite Pregnancy Products

I can’t believe that as I write this my last few days in my second trimester are coming to a close. It’s been such an incredible whirlwind since July 15, the day I found out I was pregnant, and I am so excited to meet my baby girl in a few short months.

Here were a few fun milestones that happened over Christmas break:

  • I hit my 27 weeks on Christmas Day, last week in my second trimester

  • I’ll hit my 28 weeks, the beginning of my first trimester, on New Year’s Day!

While those may seem like silly milestones, they’re ones I’ll remember forever, as I got lucky that my ‘week’ progression is on Tuesday, as are both of those holidays!

Since my last post where I went over updates from my first trimester, a LOT has happened. I thought it’d be fun to chronicle some of the moments that were the most special to me over the past few months.

  1. In Hawaii for our baby moon, a few people commented that I look like I ‘love’ being pregnant, and it was made for me. I realize this is a relatively odd thing for a stranger to say, but when you felt like hell the first 4.5 months of pregnancy, it actually made me really happy to hear! I DO like being pregnant. It’s been magical, difficult, stressful, anxiety-inducing, but oh so incredible at the same time.

  2. I saw baby girl move for the first time while we were in Hawaii. I knew that she was moving by the time we were in Hawaii, I could for sure feel her, but I’d never actually seen my belly move. Sitting in Hawaii in a two-piece bathing suit while reading a book - I SAW her for the first time. It was so awesome!

  3. I finally have felt better and haven’t been nearly as sick! There have been a few days where I’ve felt sick and nauseous again, and on those days, I remember how hard it was in the beginning. I felt sick ALL the time, making it SO hard to ever even want to leave the house as I wasn’t sure if I’d need to be sick. Now I’ve been loving when I have the energy to get out of the house.

  4. Thinking through our traditions. Celebrating our last holiday season without baby girl has been a wild one. I honestly cannot believe that by next year I’ll have a 9-month old little girl. That thought is so crazy exciting to me.

  5. Buying her little clothes and baby gear. Safi and I have bought this gal WAY too many clothes already, but there is a high-bar for her baby style, and I am so ready to overgram her little outfits. We also went shopping for baby gear and tried on different carriers, pushed and took apart different strollers and starting pulling together my registry. Extra fun fact - at BuyBuyBaby when we were trying on carriers, I noted how it was difficult to tell which one would be best for me without an actual baby in there and my baby bump taking up most of the room. The associate actually went and grabbed the ‘fake baby’ they use for these sorts of moments so that I could try on carriers WITH a fake baby. People gave me THE oddest looks during that time - but it was for sure memorable!

  6. Watching my belly grow and change. This has been increasingly fascinating. With this belly growth has unfortunately come back pain, and apparently a pinched nerve that’s affecting my left foot and making it difficult to walk - good times!

  7. Reading baby books and understanding that hey, I don’t have it THAT bad! There are SO many things you read in baby books that may or may not happen to you during pregnancy; like a popping belly button, vericose veins, skin discoloration, and that line down your belly. So far, none of these things have happened to me, but I still have January-March 26 to go, so only time will tell!

  8. Writing letters to my baby girl. I am a much faster typer than I am a writer, and I already have carpal tunnel, so to chronicle some special moments during my pregnancy, I’ve been writing letters to my baby and stashing them in a folder in my email for her that I can print into a book when she’s older. I’m planning on doing this through the time she’s born and through other milestones as well, when she’s too young to totally comprehend how I feel. I think this will be super special to give at a 16th birthday, or an 18th birthday when she’s older.

  9. Planning my baby shower. It’s so stressful planning anything, but I love a good plan and it’s been so fun to think that my baby shower is really one of the last experiences we’ll have before this gal gets here.

  10. Planning her ‘home from the hospital outfit.’ I know this is a silly one, but I have searched high and low for the swaddle and the little hat I want my gal to come home from the hospital in. With so much time over break, I finally found the ones I love, and I cannot wait to see her little bod all wrapped up.

  11. And lastly, the excitement I have over meeting this gal. I knew from the time I was little that I always wanted to be a mom, but I never truly understood what it’d feel like to be pregnant. I’ve been thinking through how easy this pregnancy has really been so far, and what a special experience it is to be pregnant and have this relationship with my baby. I have been thinking (and dreaming) about everything from what it’ll be like in labor, how my delivery will be, how much she’ll weigh, what day she’ll decide to come, what she’ll look like, and so much more. I am SO excited, I am thrilled for these next few months to go by so I can meet her already.

Now on to some (hopefully) helpful tips for other mamas to be on some products that have been absolute LIFESAVERS for me!!

Hatch hydrating belly oil has by far been my favorite purchase so far. I came across Hatch while searching for stretch mark oil and am happy to report that so far, I haven’t seen ANY new stretch marks during my entire pregnancy. Again, three months (technically), left, so that could change!

Spanx mama tights have been my second favorite purchase. I legit wear these almost EVERY day. Luckily for me, I run SUPER hot as is, even before I was pregnant, so I’ve been lucky to be pregnant during the winter when it’s acceptable to wear dresses with tights and comfortable boots and shoes. These tights have been absolutely wonderful for me with so many different outfits, whether I dress them up or down.

Everyday maternity leggings have also been critical during this pregnancy. Leggings can go great with big sweaters, dresses even (though I’m not a huge fan of that look), big jackets and t-shirts, etc.

Nike Free TR8 in Champagne slip-on sneakers. These aren’t the EXACT ones that I have, but my hubby got me a similar pair in this color but more gold, that are already SUPER helpful. We have a bench in our bedroom and our garage for me so that I can sit down and put on my shoes as it’s getting more and more difficult with this belly, and having cute, cozy, slip-on shoes is honestly such a game-changer.

Thus far, I haven’t bought more than 5 maternity items because I’ve found items like dresses and sweaters that work over a belly. I’m hoping to not have to buy any more maternity items, either actually. I’ve bought no new workout pants or tops, as what I bought I’ve gotten in a larger size, or it still fits (for now) over my belly. Maternity gear is pretty expensive, so I’ve kept my purchases pretty simple, per the above items I shared that have been my favorite over the course my near seven month pregnancy thus far.

I think these are the most important items you need to spend the money on during pregnancy:

  • Maternity leggings - a good pair that doesn’t show through and is supportive of your belly

  • A maternity dress or two to allow your belly room to grow (though you can EASILY find ribbed dress material that will stretch over any belly size)

  • A good pair of maternity jeans

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Belly or body oil, scrub, and lotions for that growing bod

Total thus far in my pregnancy, I’ve only gained 12 pounds, so I’m hoping to stay under 25 as I go into March, the month I’ll deliver.

I hope some of these tips and my favorite moments so far were exciting to read, and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions in the comments!

xoxo and thanks for stopping by,