First Trimester Update + 10 things

I can’t believe I’m out of my first trimester! It’s been a total trip.

I still get asked a number of the same questions frequently, so figured I’d do a fun “10 things” post that I see other bloggers do frequently, to keep you updated on 10 fun things that have happened during my first trimester. Specific questions? Let me know!

  1. I took my first trip to Germany and Prague during my first trimester. I was sick the entire time! No one knew I was pregnant then, but I did learn how to say, “I’m pregnant” in German as I got a few funny looks at restaurants and bars when I ordered non-alcoholic beers or regular drinks like Coca Cola!

  2. I’ve been sick up until my second trimester. It’s slowed down a bit but is still frequent. I’m most sick at night, which is super annoying!

  3. I had a dream about the baby’s gender during the first trimester, but we’re not announcing the gender yet, so TBD on if this dream was correct or not!

  4. Telling our families was super exciting. I told my family SUPER early on, like, a day after i found out because I was so excited. Initially, I’d told my husband that I wasn’t ready to tell anyone until our first appointment, but I couldn’t hold it in.

  5. I actually lost a few pounds during my first two appointments because I could barely keep food down. Since I’m still sick, I’ve gotten concerned if the baby is getting enough nutrients since I am sick all the time!

  6. I’ve definitely found myself lovingly looking at small kids more and more than I did in the past, wondering what ours will be like.

  7. When I see a poorly behaved kid in public, I honestly think, “oh hell no my kid better not act like that!”

  8. I was raised with grammar and good manners being paramount to our development, and I plan to raise my child the same way! I correct my husband’s grammar all the time - and hopefully my kid will be able to one day also!

  9. Being pregnant has been so fun, and also a lot of work. I’m super tired, I get winded SO fast (the elevator at work is out so we have to take a ton of stairs every time we come and go, which has been lovely).

  10. My baby bump did not show at all during my first trimester. In fact, I just started showing now at week 17!

Overall, I’d say pregnancy has not been a breeze for me. It’s been difficult as hell to hide from those I’ve not shared the news yet with, but has been so fun to see my body change and develop. I’ve always been a pretty self conscious person when it comes to my appearance, so I’ve been trying to keep it easy.

One thing I’ve found is that I have a total aversion to meat. I’ve barely eaten any meat at all the first trimester and have focused most heavily on fruits and carbs. Bagels seem to do the trick, and in Germany I ate a ton of sweets each day! Pasta seems to be a decent option, but I find that I get sick from super buttery or fattening sauces. All in all, I’d say this kid has it’s dad’s appetite - picky as hell.

Here are some fun photos from our first trimester!

Thanks for following along!


I found this robe at Nordstrom rack and am obsessed with it. I can’t have wine, so I might as well wear it right! You can shop this look here.


This is the day I first noticed my bump starting to show up! It was actually the day of my dad’s birthday, which is pretty special! I was honestly nervous to show off the bump until this point, but I wore this ribbed jersey dress from H&M out to dinner so I’d be comfortable and I was in love with the cute fit and how it felt like fall! You can shop my look here!


This is another photo in that ribbed jersey dress from H&M to show off how it fits to your body while still giving you a little room to breathe.


This photo is from one of our nights out in Prague! Prague was absolutely gorgeous and a great place to visit for a few days. You could tell there is so much architectural history there and I loved the look of the buildings. I’m not drinking here because I knew I was pregnant during this time too, so I had a lime soda at dinner before our food arrived and it was pretty damn delicious. This sort of wool nautical hat is controversial, but I bought it in Germany and loved wearing it around when I had day-old hair I wasn’t ready to wash! This Express lace-trim down cami is one of my favorites. I have it in multiple colors and you can easily dress it up or down.


I wore this outfit earlier in the day in Prague when we visited the Prague castle that was absolutely gorgeous! Don’t visit a castle when you’re in the midst of designing your home or you’ll feel SUPER inadequate - just saying! These H&M denim jeans are SUPER comfortable and very high waisted, so I’ve had to give them up at this stage in my pregnancy, but they fit relatively comfortably during this trip when I was only three months in. Again, this Express lace-trim downtown cami is soo comfortable and I’d recommend it in many colors.


Yes, this is a similar photo to the one above but with a different angle, but below I linked to my favorite makeup products that I used for this light makeup look!


I wore this Express ribbed tank out to explore one day and this was the first time I wore these pointed toe mules, and they were surprisingly comfortable! They’re currently on sale for under $30 also, so you really can’t beat that! For a while, I was heavily against mules, but now I think they’re definitely growing on me. I mixed some patterns and textures here, with stripes, bright red and beige, but I really like how the look came together. I’ve also gotten SO many questions about these Diff Eyewear sunglasses, which are less than $100. I’ve had them since June and I wear them every day! Totally worth it!