The Saturday Series - Reflecting on January Resolutions


Setting resolutions is fun, sometimes feels super important, yada yada. 

But let's get real. I'm over resolutions. I was pretty gung-ho about it in December and was feeling like come January, I'm going to be a new woman! But now that January is almost over, I CANNOT WAIT for it to freaking end! This January has been stressful, challenging, and tough on me to be totally honest. I have a lot of pressure I'm adding to myself to try to meet the stupid resolutions I set for myself around an idea of perfection, planning for our house as the months go by and we get closer and closer to designing an entire home from scratch, etc. It really adds a pressure to you you didn't realize! 

I'm not sure if I'm alone in this feeling, or if everyone at some point gets to this place when they are putting themselves under pressure based on an initial idea or 'resolution.' So despite January being nearly over, I am ready to stop identifying goals as resolutions and instead, just focus on one day at a time (where I can) and try to make little changes that impact me in big ways. Anyone else with me?

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