The Saturday Series - Engaging with Influencers

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Paying attention to influencers online is something I enjoy doing, and something I use as a tool for inspiration. I work full-time, commute over two hours a day and don't have the freedom to create as much ongoing content to get 'noticed' on social channels or with my blog as I'd like. However, many of the influencers that I follow do, and their job is to connect with their 'community' of followers, create meaningful content and also, surprisingly, be human. 

This week, I reached out to a few of my favorite influencers to ask them a question about one of their favorite products, I won't name what it is because it doesn't matter but I'm in the market for a new one and wanted their advice. One of my favorite influencers whose posts I always support with likes and comments wrote me back a totally snarky remark. It was short, impersonal, and took no time showing me that they don't care to answer questions or remark when it isn't a question about 'them' or 'how good they look.' That pissed me off. This is your JOB to do this. While I realize you may be busy and get hundreds of inbounds, you don't have THAT many followers where you're looking at thousands of inbounds a day. And, if you don't have an answer, then just say so. An appropriate response would be something like, "I actually don't have a favorite product for XX, but I've heard my girlfriends love XX or try an Amazon search!" This blogger was someone I initially mentioned in this post, but I removed her handle because I don't want to send any more people her way ;)  I stopped following her because I didn't get a good vibe from her and did not feel like she was someone I wanted to emulate any longer. Coming from money an falling into blogging is great, I wish I could do it that way, but I'd make sure if I did - i'd keep my followers for LIFE through engagements and relationships. 

Another blogger who I asked the same question to, @paytonsartain had a full on dialogue with me about it! She didn't have a favorite but provided two recommendations and a suggestion to keep in mind and I thanked her for responding to me. Her response was that this is her JOB and any other influencer who doesn't feel the same way is doing it wrong, basically. 

All this to say that we're in a weird age on social media where being an 'influencer' means so many things, but ultimately, if you make it your f*cking career path, then do it the right way and be ENGAGED, KIND, and HUMAN. 

Here's to my 2018 goal to do just that ;) 

Thanks for following along!